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I started coming here because my cuz told me I just HAD to read K_E_Y and Blue Hazel. She was right.
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she looks so pretty walking down the beach
i love (laughs hysterically ) his teacher! good job
Thank you, thank you, thank you, ect... you have NO idea how much i love your comic. my cuz and i were raving on and on about how much we missed K_E_Y.thank you, thank you, thank you, ect...
i have been reading your wonderful*blush* comments and i have a question. what is a seme and what is a uke?
he said something perverted didn't he?*smiles evilly and turns page*
*sigh*i wish i could draw like you
June 13th, 2008
awwwwwwwww! how sweet of you! lets see there's rakeus, austin moore, shelby...
ooooooooooooooh. he's hot. mister would you allow me to take a photogragh you? *kyel shoots me* i think i'm in love *dies*
*blows whistle* what were you two just bout to do? no kissing, hugging, or anything cute allowed unless in story! got it? good. oh wow. this is cute. *blows whistle again* mister, just where are putting your hand?
don't you just wanna have a what ever his do that to you and call you perfect?
s-stekii ( b-beautiful )
you dreamed about him in the library! remember first or second pages?
and who is this shmexy beast?
when i first read this i thought it read: would you...please join meatclub( yep all together )luna this friday?!
i now know it is something totally different
this is ONE of the most awesomest comics i've ever read in my ENTIRE life! Thank you so very much!
how old is aria? silver?
did you mean 'slpatt' or did you mean 'splat'? i'm not trying to criticize you i was just wondering