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My name is Andrea, and I'm 16 years old. I like drawing and making comics. I have a cat and a dog. I'm a student.
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Hey, no new page today sadly. I've just recently updated my commission information and I figured I'd see if anyone here would be interested. ^^

If you are, you can contact me at the following:

ON DEVIANTART accasperberry3
ON TUMBLR loscomicos

And if you know someone who would be interested, I'd appreciate if you spread the word!

Thanks guys, and I'll post a new page soon!
@GabrielsThoughts: I suppose it just means "Hurry up" or something, but where did this question even come from???
EDIT: Hey, I just realized that July 6th was AO's 3rd year anniversary! Woo!!!

You guys are sweet patient babies and for that you get a colored page. <3 Some day I may get my act together with this comic and everything will be sparkles and rainbows.

I get that the black and white pages left the colors Tasha's new (old??) outfit up to the imagination. But now, navy blue and dark red! It's canon, guys!

I might go back to doing black and white comics. But I also might keep with the flat colors. It depends, really.

Hey, it took me until now to realize that I've failed to promote my Tumblr on here up until this point. Basically it's a sketch blog where I draw fan art for various shows, movies, webcomics etc. I also take requests, which you can submit to me by clicking on the link that says "Request a Sketch?" It's literally that simple!!

But you still need the link, don't you? There you go, go take a gander at it!
Alright, so...
Still working on getting into some kind of schedule for the summer. The good new is I'm now done with school, and I'm graduating on the 8th! :) Woo! So far no luck with getting a job, but I'm still trying at it. Said job shouldn't interfere a whole lot with the comic, but I'll keep you updated on how that goes anyhow.

I also got a new Macbook laptop, which I have used to put this comic together and type this message to you at this very moment. It's very exciting.

Speaking of the comic, still experimenting with some black and white styles. This time I used copics for the grey tones. Not sure if I prefer this over the last one, but this comic has been very experimental in the past anyhow, so not like I'm worried if I take a wrong turn here and there.

I also changed my avatar. It's actually from a very old AO comic ( This one ) but gangsta!Clinton amuses me no matter when I drew him. Goodness, look at all these changes in my life. New avatar, new computer, new black-and-white AO comics, I'm graduating high school... I'm gonna get emotional.

But back to the comic. Ooh, the youngins have been left to fend for themselves!

Don't look her directly in the eyes, Ollie!
Hello, I'm back!! :D

I apologize for the wait. I realize that I'm 5 months late from when I had said Acting Out would be out of hiatus, but it turned out that the comic I was making for my school project needed much more attention than I had thought. So I've finally finished that and now my schedule is once again free for Acting Out comics!

The only problem is that I'm still pretty busy, what with getting ready for college and (hopefully) getting a summer job and all that. So I can't really spend as much time on these comics as I had before, hence the black and white comic. I'll probably be doing a lot of experimenting with black and white styles for the next few pages. And once I get settled back in to things I'll be sure to update the voting incentive as well as the poll. :)

Now some comic commentary. We finally meet younger Tasha! You've probably forgotten some things that happened during the long hiatus, but right now we are in a flashback from 1 year ago being told from Ollie's perspective. If you've got any questions about what's going on or whatever, you can just ask me rather than go through the hassle of reading stuff over and I'll refresh your memory. C:

It's great to be working on this comic again. I missed these guys!!
Aradia!!!! <3
Hahaha, I love it!! <3

Thank you, Secret Santa! ^^
@tezzle: He is American, but he lived in Africa for most of his life. Ollie explains the whole story on page 48. :)
Oh look, a new character! But it's a flashback character, so does it really count? :I Whatevs!

So in the last update I mentioned how updates would be slowing down quite a bit while I get settled in with school and get my portfolio together for college. I've been quite busy lately making arts and getting a decent portfolio together as well as completing school work, and lo and behold, it's been a month since I've last updated Acting Out! That simply won't do, will it?! I finished the line art for this comic weeks ago and the file has been sitting on my computer untouched for quite some time. Admittedly I did have some school/portfolio work to catch up on today, but I was like, "Screw that! My comic needs me!!"

So here is the long awaited update for you, all nice and neat-like, to show you guys how much I care. C: I hope you haven't forgotten too much about what's been going on, but if you have, perhaps you'll review the last couple of pages. I'm going to try super hard from now on to keep updates from being this spaced apart, so hopefully this will be the only time you may have to review some material. I hope you can forgive me. :)

There's a new poll up for you peeps! About Halloween, surprise surprise! Go vote!

And check out the voting incentive as well. ;)
Another late comic, sorry about that guys. I would've updated earlier, but school has just started for me so these past two weeks I had to catch up on some summer assignments and prepare. I just started this Friday, so I'll probably be feeling out my schedule for the next week or so to see how much free time I'll really have. To be honest it isn't looking too good; I have to make an art portfolio to send out to colleges by December, so a huge chunk of my time will have to go to working on some art besides these comics. I really wish I could update more. I'm sorry to see summer go. D: Weh.

But hey, there's a brand new comic right in front of you right now! :) First page to a flashback within a flashback, Ollie's first day at his new school. What possible shenanigans will he be getting into?! Who knows! For now, enjoy my drawings of school buses and scenery. C:

A lovely new voting incentive is up for you guys. I found the final design sketches of the first 16 AO characters from waaay back in July '09, hidden in some old doodle papers, so I figured I'd share that with you guys! Up until I drew this, the only characters that I had drawn before were Clinton, Ollie, Tasha and Angelina. I had design concepts in my head already for Collin and Leo, but for the rest I just made up their designs on the spot while I was drawing. :) Link to vote is to your right!

And while you're at it, vote in the current poll as well! ;)
Fuuuuhhhh, I should've been able to get this page done sooner. :[ Blarg! I've been feeling so crumbily lately, so instead of wasting a whole paragraph on yet another apology, let's just move on!

Ahh, so now we generally know Ollie's life story. And how about that last bit of dialogue?! Sounds like some sort of short footage of previously occurring events will be the follow up of this conversation, don't you agree? Oh yeah, did someone say flashback?!? You know iiiiit... B)

So voting for the Smackjeeves Awards ended a while ago, and the winners were announced, also a while ago. We lost, of course. xD We had some stiff competition, but I'm really happy that we got nominated in the first place and gave it a good shot. Maybe next year we'll see where we are, and who knows? ;)

There's a new poll up for you, so go vote for that! ^^ And also the voting incentive. ;)
Acting Out got nominated for the Smackjeeves Award for Best Custom Template! :D It would be great if you all voted for the comic! Even if you don't have an account on Smackjeeves, you can still vote! The link is below:


Wow, 2 weeks since I submitted the last comic. And I don't even have school yet. :/ I had so much work to catch up on this week, and coupled with my lousy time management, I just couldn't find the time to work on this comic. But I learned my lesson, soooo updates sure as heck won't stay this slow!

Jasper's back. C: And poor Ollie's a little confused right now. Hopefully he can help him out. ;)

New incentive this week! I was going to fill out another meme with Clinton, but again my lousy time management prevented me from finishing it, so instead have a Percy sketch! :) You missed him, I know.

And also don't forget to vote in the poll. ^^
Indeed it was, Ollie! |:U

This page was so difficult to write for. X( I tried to not make it super cheesy... and I think I failed. xD Blahhh.

But hey! Acting Out got nominated for the Smackjeeves Award for Best Custom Template! :D It would be great if you all voted for the comic! Even if you don't have an account on Smackjeeves, you can still vote! The link is below:


Thank you guys for voting, and thank you for helping this comic grow! ^^

Also, I updated the art page once again! There's some new AO art made by me as well as other people, so you can go check that out.

Aaaand one more thing: new poll. ;) Go check it out, and the incentive if you haven't!
Hey hey, another comic 3 days from the last one! ;D And finally we're back to 2 updates a week! We'll see how long it lasts though; I'm still trying to balance this comic with all the other crud I've gotta do. Nevertheless, I'm celebrating for now!

And another thing to celebrate about: Acting Out has been nominated for the Smackjeeves Award for Best Custom Template! ;D Thanks to all of you who nominated Acting Out, and thank you all for your continued support~!

There's a new voting incentive up for you guys. C: It's a rough sketch I did of Lily, whom you all seem to really like but I've been neglecting nonetheless. D: I don't draw any of the other characters beside Clinton, Ollie, and Tasha very often outside of the comics, but since you all really like her from her appearance in part 1, I figured you'd like me to show her a little love as well. :) So you can go check that out.

And there's a new poll as well. Go vote in that, if you haven't already. C;
Aww, Ollie's in good spirits. 8D Happy now?

So the updating schedule's been picking up pace! Woo! :D It's not quite back to 2 comics a week yet, but I'm pretty happy with where it is now. At least at this pace I can work on art for my portfolio and still keep up with updates. So would you say this is often enough for you? Everyone happy?

Hey guys, new poll! :D Go vote on that! Link's right there~ ---->

And alsooo, there's the new voting incentive if you haven't seen that yet. Check that out, too. ---->
This page was really fun to draw. I love making action poses. And Clinton is such a dork. XP

So my updating schedule is finally starting to pick up pace. I still have some other stuff to complete, plus I'm hoping to make some more art for my gallery as well as my portfolio for next year when I get to apply to art colleges. That's right, I'll be a senior in high school next year. C: Time really does fly.

I'm wondering how many of you check out my art gallery on deviantART. You really should if you'd like to see what I'm up to when I'm not working on these comics. :) That's where I post the majority of my artwork, from my cartoon pieces to my realism work, in all different sorts of mediums. There's a link to my gallery at the top of the home page, but here's a direct link for ya anyway:

I've had an account on that site for 5 1/2 years too, so if you browse back far enough, you'll find my work from back when I was 10 years old. It's not very pretty... but go look at it if you want. xD;

Anywhooo, new voting incentive is up! ^^ You might remember when I did the expressions meme for Clinton. Well, I finally got to complete the meme again for Ollie! Go check it out by voting in the link to the right! ^^

And if you haven't yet, vote in the current poll. Link is also to your right. :)
I wanna apologize in advance if this page grossed you out in any way. xD After a while that 4th panel gets hard to look at...

So now we get a peek in a classroom during school hours! Exciting, right? Anyone beginning to miss school yet?... Yeah, me neither. :P

Now judging by the strong reaction I got from the last two pages, I feel the need to elaborate on the personality of one of our previously beloved stars of the comic. A lot of you were put off by Clinton's juvenile actions in the end of part 1, and I couldn't agree with you more on that. It was wrong of him to take something from Ollie without his permission, especially something so ornate and unusual, but a lot of you felt that, judging by his theft, Clinton really is an evil little jerk who purposely betrays his friends. And truthfully, strangely enough, I have to defend Clinton for a moment. The thing about Clinton that I feel some of you have missed is that he is stupid. I mean, really stupid. He's kind of like a little kid, in the way that he takes what he can grab without consideration for the feelings of others. But it's not that he's aware of common courtesy and chooses to ignore it, but rather, he's completely unaware of it. If you think of Clinton as a little kid rather than a 13-year-old, then his actions make much more sense. He doesn't know better. He thinks he can have whatever he wants. He doesn't realize when he's hurting people, especially when he offends Ollie (because in Ollie's mind, Clinton is a really great guy who can do no wrong, so it'd be a rare occasion that he would try to correct him on anything). So when Clinton was desperately searching for a present for Tasha, and found the box of chocolates in Ollie's locker, it made sense for him to take it if he replaced them after (the problem with that though, which Clinton failed to see, was that he didn't necessarily replace them in time. Plus he probably forgot about it after... xD). Coupled with the fact that Clinton had absolutely no idea that Tasha had a secret admirer, nor that the admirer was really Ollie, nor that Tasha now thinks the admirer was him this entire time, then it becomes clear that the tragedy that occurred in the last two pages wasn't entirely Clinton's fault, at least not on purpose...

Now you might know someone who has the same personality defect as Clinton. And you probably can't stand them. I've met many people like Clinton, and they're not the most pleasant people to be around. xD That being said, I'm not saying you have to /like/ Clinton, necessarily. You're not supposed to. Even in the comic, most of the kids in the Drama Club can't stand Clinton. In fact, /they/ think Clinton is just an evil little jerk who purposely hurts his friends. But as the audience, I just want you to understand where he's coming from.

When you think about it, that's really why he needs Ollie as a friend, and it's why Ollie is such a good person. I know in some parts of the comic it hasn't seemed this way, but Ollie isn't stupid. He's not smart, either. He actually gets better grades than Clinton, but his problem is that he's naive. He still thinks that the world is wonderful and everything's rainbows and sunshine, and he truly believes that there are only good people in the world. And this never-fading cloud of optimism in Ollie's mind is what keeps him from seeing what a jerk Clinton is, so rather than shunning him like everyone else, he sees Clinton as a wonderful person who was willing to be his friend (that will show more in this next part of the plot. There will be quite a few flashbacks.) And of course when people try to tell Ollie that Clinton is being a jerk, he ignores them because his rainbows-sunshine-clouded mind tells him that there are no bad people in the world, just bad actions. So yeah, he's basically impervious to Clinton's jerkiness, in a way.

I'm sorry I've written so much. XD; Thanks to those who've managed to read the whole thing. The fact that you wouldn't understand Clinton's ways is really a flaw in my writing, not in your analysis, because as a writer I probably should've made these kinds of things more obvious. But I'm still learning, so as long as you get it now, we can just continue with the comic, smooth-sailing, from here on in. C:

So to change the topic, there's a new poll up for you guys! This one's pretty simple, so just click on the link to the right and vote. I'm tired of typing now, so... bye. ;)
DOUBLE UPDATE!! Go back a page to see the first page!

Page 2 of the double update! And it's super long! C: Hooray!!

So yeah, it was Ollie. And there was a handful of you that guessed it waaay in the beginning. XD But I had you fooled for a least a little while... right?

And I know this doesn't answer all the questions you may still have. But that's why there's a whole other part! So sit back and in time all your questions will be answered!

Speaking of the next part, there's a new voting incentive up on TWC! I've compiled some sketches I've made for part 2 of the plot, which is going to be super awesome. C: Click on the button to the right to vote and check it out!

And if you haven't already, vote in the poll too. ;)

Aaaand I think that's it. :I I'm out of school now, so I'm going to try to get updates out faster. So long~!
Page 1 of the double update. C:

You can sorta tell here that Clinton is really trying to be a better friend. Before he could take something of Ollie's and not feel the slightest ounce of guilt! C:

And yeah, I know you missed the bullies. ;) Well, there they are, in one panel, with a short line by Dylan, walking away to not be seen again for a long, long time. Hope you enjoyed it!

I've got more to say, but I'll save it for the next page. Most of you probably aren't reading this anyway. xD;
Hey guys, sorry it's taking me so long to get these comics out. x.X I'm in the middle of finals week at school right now, so a lot of my time has been dedicated to studying. Luckily I'm getting out of school this Friday, so after that I'll have all the time I could possibly need to make these comics. I'll probably even go back to updating twice a week! :)

So that being said, the next update will probably take a while. Not because of the reason above or anything like that, BUUUT because it will be our first double update. That's right, double update. This will be the end of part 1 and then we can start part 2, which I'm really looking forward to. C: So the next update might be a while, but you'll get a lot out of it in the long run.

And now, new poll time! :D This one has to do with the updates slowing down, so I'd really like it if you took the time to answer. The link it on the right!--->