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My name is Andrea, and I'm 16 years old. I like drawing and making comics. I have a cat and a dog. I'm a student.

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Acting Out
Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 250 # Comics: 195
President Lockheed
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House of Spekters
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Comment on Opening Commissions! of Acting Out
Casper, July 28th, 2012, 6:40 pm
Hey, no new page today sadly. I've just recently updated my commission information and I figured I'd see if anyone here would be interested. ^^

If you are, you can contact me at the following:

ON DEVIANTART accasperberry3
ON TUMBLR loscomicos

And if you know someone who would be interested, I'd appreciate if you spread the word!

Thanks guys, and I'll post a new page soon!
Comment on The Secret pg 52: Pleased to Meet You of Acting Out
Casper, July 8th, 2012, 8:56 pm
@GabrielsThoughts: I suppose it just means "Hurry up" or something, but where did this question even come from???
Comment on The Secret pg 53: Rumor of Acting Out
Casper, July 8th, 2012, 8:51 pm
EDIT: Hey, I just realized that July 6th was AO's 3rd year anniversary! Woo!!!

You guys are sweet patient babies and for that you get a colored page. <3 Some day I may get my act together with this comic and everything will be sparkles and rainbows.

I get that the black and white pages left the colors Tasha's new (old??) outfit up to the imagination. But now, navy blue and dark red! It's canon, guys!

I might go back to doing black and white comics. But I also might keep with the flat colors. It depends, really.

Hey, it took me until now to realize that I've failed to promote my Tumblr on here up until this point. Basically it's a sketch blog where I draw fan art for various shows, movies, webcomics etc. I also take requests, which you can submit to me by clicking on the link that says "Request a Sketch?" It's literally that simple!!

But you still need the link, don't you? There you go, go take a gander at it!
Comment on The Secret pg 52: Pleased to Meet You of Acting Out
Casper, June 3rd, 2012, 4:16 pm
Alright, so...
Still working on getting into some kind of schedule for the summer. The good new is I'm now done with school, and I'm graduating on the 8th! :) Woo! So far no luck with getting a job, but I'm still trying at it. Said job shouldn't interfere a whole lot with the comic, but I'll keep you updated on how that goes anyhow.

I also got a new Macbook laptop, which I have used to put this comic together and type this message to you at this very moment. It's very exciting.

Speaking of the comic, still experimenting with some black and white styles. This time I used copics for the grey tones. Not sure if I prefer this over the last one, but this comic has been very experimental in the past anyhow, so not like I'm worried if I take a wrong turn here and there.

I also changed my avatar. It's actually from a very old AO comic ( This one ) but gangsta!Clinton amuses me no matter when I drew him. Goodness, look at all these changes in my life. New avatar, new computer, new black-and-white AO comics, I'm graduating high school... I'm gonna get emotional.

But back to the comic. Ooh, the youngins have been left to fend for themselves!

Don't look her directly in the eyes, Ollie!
Comment on The Secret pg 51: Embarassment of Acting Out
Casper, May 10th, 2012, 8:28 pm
Hello, I'm back!! :D

I apologize for the wait. I realize that I'm 5 months late from when I had said Acting Out would be out of hiatus, but it turned out that the comic I was making for my school project needed much more attention than I had thought. So I've finally finished that and now my schedule is once again free for Acting Out comics!

The only problem is that I'm still pretty busy, what with getting ready for college and (hopefully) getting a summer job and all that. So I can't really spend as much time on these comics as I had before, hence the black and white comic. I'll probably be doing a lot of experimenting with black and white styles for the next few pages. And once I get settled back in to things I'll be sure to update the voting incentive as well as the poll. :)

Now some comic commentary. We finally meet younger Tasha! You've probably forgotten some things that happened during the long hiatus, but right now we are in a flashback from 1 year ago being told from Ollie's perspective. If you've got any questions about what's going on or whatever, you can just ask me rather than go through the hassle of reading stuff over and I'll refresh your memory. C:

It's great to be working on this comic again. I missed these guys!!
Comment on for Reigan of Secret Santa 2011
Casper, December 24th, 2011, 6:07 pm
Aradia!!!! <3
Comment on for Casper of Secret Santa 2011
Casper, December 24th, 2011, 5:47 pm
Hahaha, I love it!! <3

Thank you, Secret Santa! ^^
Comment on The Secret pg 50: New Kid of Acting Out
Casper, October 11th, 2011, 7:19 pm
@tezzle: He is American, but he lived in Africa for most of his life. Ollie explains the whole story on page 48. :)
Comment on The Secret pg 50: New Kid of Acting Out
Casper, October 11th, 2011, 7:02 pm
Oh look, a new character! But it's a flashback character, so does it really count? :I Whatevs!

So in the last update I mentioned how updates would be slowing down quite a bit while I get settled in with school and get my portfolio together for college. I've been quite busy lately making arts and getting a decent portfolio together as well as completing school work, and lo and behold, it's been a month since I've last updated Acting Out! That simply won't do, will it?! I finished the line art for this comic weeks ago and the file has been sitting on my computer untouched for quite some time. Admittedly I did have some school/portfolio work to catch up on today, but I was like, "Screw that! My comic needs me!!"

So here is the long awaited update for you, all nice and neat-like, to show you guys how much I care. C: I hope you haven't forgotten too much about what's been going on, but if you have, perhaps you'll review the last couple of pages. I'm going to try super hard from now on to keep updates from being this spaced apart, so hopefully this will be the only time you may have to review some material. I hope you can forgive me. :)

There's a new poll up for you peeps! About Halloween, surprise surprise! Go vote!

And check out the voting incentive as well. ;)
Comment on The Secret pg 49: First Day of Acting Out
Casper, September 11th, 2011, 5:11 pm
Another late comic, sorry about that guys. I would've updated earlier, but school has just started for me so these past two weeks I had to catch up on some summer assignments and prepare. I just started this Friday, so I'll probably be feeling out my schedule for the next week or so to see how much free time I'll really have. To be honest it isn't looking too good; I have to make an art portfolio to send out to colleges by December, so a huge chunk of my time will have to go to working on some art besides these comics. I really wish I could update more. I'm sorry to see summer go. D: Weh.

But hey, there's a brand new comic right in front of you right now! :) First page to a flashback within a flashback, Ollie's first day at his new school. What possible shenanigans will he be getting into?! Who knows! For now, enjoy my drawings of school buses and scenery. C:

A lovely new voting incentive is up for you guys. I found the final design sketches of the first 16 AO characters from waaay back in July '09, hidden in some old doodle papers, so I figured I'd share that with you guys! Up until I drew this, the only characters that I had drawn before were Clinton, Ollie, Tasha and Angelina. I had design concepts in my head already for Collin and Leo, but for the rest I just made up their designs on the spot while I was drawing. :) Link to vote is to your right!

And while you're at it, vote in the current poll as well! ;)

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