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Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon
I like to Skitch and draw
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Please don’t get any ideas that I ship them
I hope I am not bothering you
but I am bored so can you suggest more animals for me to draw and make?
Whats more terrifying of a hurd of zombies....
Birds O.O
Oooo is Eclipse gonna carry her
Or something like that idk that’s what I think
Last panel
I bet there saying
“ Where die.”
Eclipse save your girl!
Qna Question
Hollis and Azura
Do you have any kind chocolate...if yes what’s your favorite kind?
(Btw Lunar is Mangle’s sister )
XD when the page was loading the first thing I looked at was the crown
We need to stop for a sec. and discuss Plucky and her cuteness
One word...
Wow XD