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Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon
I like to Skitch and draw
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Do I see a flashback coming

SoftHeart and Nightpaw

SoftHeart is a red brown
She is a Deputy of her clan
She is dark gray with a tiny star marking above her eyes
She is a apprentice, Warrior name will be NightBeam and her mother is SoftHeart
Could you make one of Moonpelt, Stormkit, and... ;-;
StarStar all together as siblings
I can draw I just can’t have discord
Idk why but I feel like there already there or there gonna come before she gets off
I do I just wanted to let y’all know I can’t post anything
(Also I started last summer so I have been doing this for Four or Three months)
Oh then no I am not new
No problem it was fun drawing them
Oh no She is almost all white!