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How much relevant do i think i am going to be?
Not much , just one if the most important author of our century, remembered by generations after the current one dies,
I supuse that it's not the big thing, but ,well i has been humble since ever
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And i said It twice trying to put It just behind the comment i wanted to correct, but i failed twice
I think that It would be Alejandro wasn't realizing or doesn't realized
I think that It would be doesn't realized,or wasn't realizing(on american english,of course) sorry if i'm a bit grammar nazi,but i just hate the typos
Ahora en ser, ellos pueden cuantificar su nivel?
Let me guess,Blizzard and dark pulse
They couldn't buy anything
Así que gracias otra vez
De cualquier modo lo prefiero a tener que reescribirlo
I already fixed it rewriting It on a paper sheet and talking away the part that was not necessary,but,thanks anyways
Anyways,Tanks, i did a mexican(well in the Pokemon world It doesn't existe but you understand me) character too
The link doesn't works
Is he spanish? Cause Alejandro is a Spanish name
Even the leevani is dissapointed
How the marowak are reina if one is from alola and the other is the regular one,even if the alola form is for his genetics(i supose that) i wanna remembered you that the have both the same DNA
I wanna say something since the begining, my first language isn't the english, if you find some typo is because if that
He was talking with his father isn't It? Cause the skill must be of his mother