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How much relevant do i think i am going to be?
Not much , just one if the most important author of our century, remembered by generations after the current one dies,
I supuse that it's not the big thing, but ,well i has been humble since ever
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Also, did the jolteon fell in love with him after looking his ass??XD
@PegasusJedi: NP, i´m always glad to help, if you need help you can always ask me ^^
Also, meaning on spanish is translated as "significado" what is masculine, so it would be their "hermosos" meanings, not "hermosas" hust to help

keep going that great comic ^^
Jirachi was pretty wrong about how do humans actually looks like, he thought that we hand't hands or legs
I want to.point.that...

That's bassically how child kidnnapting works
Good iniciative, you have my respects
Ok, do not worry, all you have to do is learning to live without arms or legs (hint:learb telekinesis)
Time to use THAT couple (i know what i mean)
Ah, the typical problem of not finding a confortable position to sleep
Ok, i see that your comic has conceptual similarities with mine, is good that more people put their efforts on that topic
Después de tanto sin subir, aqui vuelvo con esta traducción, he estado algo ocupado ultimamente, pero ahora ya volveré al ritmo normal de subida
I get it,he is blushing. Because of the relationship between jhon and lucy makes him remember his last failed relationship
Fan-arts are for something lmao
Wtf.did he did with the book?
There's a couple thing

@Shiny cobra: The rules AND the limits, both, i mean, if he follows his rules he is almighty, and what rules he has?