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How much relevant do i think i am going to be?
Not much , just one if the most important author of our century, remembered by generations after the current one dies,
I supuse that it's not the big thing, but ,well i has been humble since ever
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Anyways, IS jirachi allowed to go with them to his own dungeon?
Come'on man, be a bit more optimistic, ay least you're on level 98

Lies. Exe is being executed...

A fatal error has ocurred
@J3HS En el apartado de personajes no se nota, cuando empieza el capítulo uno empieza también lo traducido
Also, in this comic will happen things that can be considered as fantasious even in the pokemon world,it's completely intentional, the story could be perfectly a fictional story from the pokemon world,please, be open-minded
Bueno, queríamos que más gente pudiese leerlo, y eso estamos haciendo
@comercole: It puts ``afeminado´´ what means girl-like
You're going to make your father have an heart attack
She IS like the only one here that thinks a bit
He should be conflictive, or a member of a gang
He doesn't look too well
He cannot breath?

Continúe Sylvia, maybe you manage to make him to have brain damage and brain damage and brain damage
They already said you, they are detectives, not members of a recuerdo team
Try to fight using the advantage of number
They don't said to flare the truth or he IS just a bad liar?