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Im working on my comic called dragons.
I would lve it if you would comment or rate
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Yay for colour
Hey, sorry i haven't been commenting, ive been getting lazy with the computer and my comic >_<
This page looks VERY nice
OMG its getting exiting now!!!
Catqueen im back and NOOO DONT WALK AWAY MATTHEW!!!
I love the 4th pannel, the way you've drawn it is really nice
sorry for the colouring, its too hot to sit there and paint in water colours or colour
Lol they would be an interesting couple
O yeah love the new backround
And o la la shes in love!! :p
Yay thankyou to two and i only just realised i reached my 4000 hits!!
please ignore the crappy art i will redo this page
matthew you blew your cover T_T
*dances*, i like the idots pannel
Love the art, *faves*
love this page
Thankyou my_ass_is_grass and thankyou for saying the artwork and story is amazing ^_^ i feel loved

And shojo_sanzo why bother commenting?
Lol thankyou catqueen ^_^