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Senegalese/Nigerian Eeveelution fan you don t need to know more considering you already know for those who read my first description well not like I give a hoot
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@Ngamer01: I ts at times like these that we wish senzu beans existed😌
Happy birthday @PKM-150🎂20th
Have a wicked good time laiba also why she blushing
Happy haloween and now good night no...
Good night and happy halloween cause you know its eleven pm gmt
So cute???
OMG I know i have school on saturday(tomorrow)but seing this made my heart race and even throb even after comming back from sports class seeing this gave me the energy to do my homework💪 seriosly congrats @PKM-150 this is getting better ❣ Also someone said this chapter might make us cry...
But who 🤔
Sorry I had just after finding out what kind of undertale au undertail is
@AMKHeart: you're so right and you too @Scarftale Bryan
Mana:Can you please try to hide in the girls room?
Chill:(⌐■_■) Ah $#*t here we ho again
@???---???: he's gonna have a hard time doing that
Read the entire comic and just noticed that dood behind the tree
Biggest 4th wall break😰
Tonight im going to read the entire comic and jornals with this
Of course sans of course...
If I were a Dragon ball character incarnated to be dusk
Me:Ma ki rising🔥