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CREATED THIS ACCOUNT JUST FOR EEVEELUTION SQUAD favorite game sare undertale n deltarune and maybe pokemon
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Yeah I thought of beerus when I saw her eyes only the color is different
MEGALOVANIA intensifies
Well I guess my profile picture doesn't mean anything anymore 😧.At least flare and leafy's cuteness calms me down.Usually food calms me down
Why does he remind me of lord beerus
Soon flare will be like chocolate...,CHOCOLATE... CHOCOLAAAAAATE
So you are naturally fluffy?
NO but I artificially am!
Happy birthday in advance or late sorry if I'm late cause I'm in Senegal and I don't know where the**** everyone is😂
PichuLife (M.O.P Ante up playing )
Awww so sad😦
Tomorrow is next update...and
AFCON FINAL (even if nobody cares except me😅)SENEGAL FOR LIFE... I swear we gotta win dat for once.😣well a new page will help me chill😊
@Flareon1225: like i said earlier it maybe felt good if you know what i mean
here goes the title origin well im going to grillby's😉
gonna have a bad time
Crystal cave in pkm md explorers of time contained a time gear but here to deceive who kyurem🤔
@8-BitGlaVee:Vee:And it felt good if you know what I mean🙄
@EpicSignal:have you seen the Mario vs sonic beatbox battle☺.And also the new sword/shield trailer?😊
Senegal in the semi-finals of Africa cup of nations after 13 years well reading the comic again will calm me down and I am not that new
That zorua is too adorable MUST RESIST