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Scarftale Bryan
Trapped in an infinite time loop. LIkes Trap shooting.
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@Gkatte: Wow he put on that stupid outfit for nothing
Well that was rather Anime.
@Ngamer01: Oh thank You! SO there is some multiverse in there. Also thank you for the NSFW warning.
What is that face! Pfffft ah hahahah, I love this comic
It's the Robco Fancy Pants Fighting Suit
Your body and soul are trying to break. Your mind would not let them.
ASS SNIFFIN. Me after typing that. "what?
Wait, unless I have diffuculties braining, or just put to much money on the multiverse theory, the Glaceon is somebodies doppleganger.
And suddenly everything got a lot more anime.
Movie reference
Thats how the teleporter maitrix im building will work.
Glaceon used brutal uppercut.
As it is very reminesent of my actual laugh, imagine the the laugh of gengar from the first PMD game sounding off after reading this.
My Reaction
Well, shit.
that cheeky little
Motivational speech