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Scarftale Bryan
Trapped in an infinite time loop. LIkes Trap shooting.
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Taking all of this suprisingly well. WTF
Somthing is going to go wrong. It always does in these stories:(
For a moment there, I thought the Kangashan punched a hole in her. Somehow though, she does not yet deserve the sweet release of death yet.
Scarftale Bryan
October 15th, 2019
Well shit
So, essentialy immediently after the big bang then?
In all honesty, That's about what I expected.
Kissing time!
I love this
Scarftale Bryan
October 7th, 2019
So in this world undyne is an b****? I mean that much was clear, but yeesh!
OHHOHOHOoooo, Now i'm gonna be depressed when she finds out he's gay!!!:(
@Sky The Blue Eevee : Yeah, It took me a about 5 minutes of going over that sentence in my head to figure out what "DAS" meant. LOL
That face Jake is makeing is adorable.
Soooooo, he might be walking dead
Psychilogical damages?