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Warning, This Comic Gets Less and Less Non Violent
1 Flare must of leveled up, 2 Flare is now at Stage 7 (Final Stage other Then 3a and 3b), and 3 FLARE IS SAYING WE CAUSE HE REALISED HE WAS 2 bEINGS
Anybody notice the cracks in the rock on pannel 15
Flare is gonna destroy cc boi
@Allbergerman: can you just give me the link Please ;-;
Rip Flare, (Also May i Join Therory Room)
@Allbergerman: Can i join therory roomTM? ;-;
Lazuli is sitting next to speed if you didnt notice (pannel 2) and 2nd last pannel isnt lazuli its deffenintly cc (her position is next to espy intsed of speed and silvia
@DarkFireEevee: just to add:
Has a sister named lazuli
Has a crush on her speedy (from her world)
@Allbergerman: correct (accept there is also lazuli) but she does have the sme relationship ith speedy tho as lazuly
@lawrenceLS_fan: wrong beacause ter-10-764396636 (sorry i cant get the link to work so go to cc the braxin up in a erlier comment)
@Allbergerman: well its not what i thought would happen befor sleep
Wait is cc from the red time line, lol thats a jok3 i know its not😂
Guys go to page 4 of this chapter in the last pannel axel has no nose
@Volt the fox :3: its not theroy, its cannon dude, go to devin art as i replied to another comment
@DarkFireEevee: yup, it is, very much, very very much