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Like to play games and i have a DECENT drawing skill.
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That aron looks pissed off.
Celebi is the pmd2 fans and lux is the normal average pokemon fan that doesnt know about mystery dungeon.
Are pokeballs one of the items in the bag? I can see good plot with that.
Nuzlockes are just too sad somethimes.
Dang he called her irrational.
Will it even be relevant to the plot?
Which one will win?
Well this incedent looks like it might end pretty *cough cough* LETHAL *cough cough*.

Im sorry but i couldnt keep myself from making this joke.
Oooo its real this time guys :3
Hes gonna have a bad time.
Um thats a little dark. Plz tell me someone else is gonna help...
Oh noes