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Brother Parvus
Crust: the final frontier.
Wakey wakey! (does she need a smooch from a prandsome hince?)
Nice compound reveal there!
[tiny squee from me]
Do I sense an incipient Big Reveal in the offing?
Duh thot plickens.
Long Slow Curve and Fast Break[0] time: net. personality Dave "WB8FOZ" Lesher had as his .sig,
<blockquote> <code>
A host is a host from coast to coast
And no one can talk to a host that's close
Unless the host that isn't close
Is busy, hung, or dead
[0]Satyrday Evening Post, Post Scripts page
Oh, the arrogance of an entrenched elite!
Sword as a substitute, broken sword standing (as it were) in for impotence, ...

all of which reminds me of the punch line, "Doc, you're the one showing me the dirty pictures!"
Ryleigh is heavy-chested.
Belated note
From the Department of I May Not Be Good But I'm Slow, Mirby's comment in the first panel seems to want to be "Why, I oughta" in tribute to a famous comedy trio of yore.
This is a delightful interim gift. I must say that the subject does not look enamo{u}red of the situation, but his loss is our gain.
There's some lovely Freudian aura in this page! I commend you!
There's a nice[0] distinction in that last panel
[0] as in sharp, acute, ...
Rescue to the rescue!
@mvandinter: I have a difficult time thinking of rehabilitating him, but on the other hand we have two virtual pairs of quark-antiquark in compound orbit around each other here ...
Rodent, regardless of his interests or wants, is no match for Charlie ... not *yet*, at any rate; it seems a long long way to tip that Rary.
"Back in the saddle again"