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Brother Parvus
Whee! Good on you!
Brother Parvus
Hat trick time? Whose will it be?
Is Salock puling her version of the Erszebet Bathory ploy? She looks far too youthful given her apparent years.
I knew two Maine Coons who played catch and loved to walk on leash.
Brother Parvus
Ooh! That's fun!
I remember that the question which the mice built the Great Machine to solve was, "What is six times nine?:
Meanwhile I must say (I must! I Must!) that the expression on The Little Corporal's face in the last panel is priceless. This reboot seems to be richer in detail (like this) than was the first run.
Kids - ya can't take them *anywhere*!
Oho! 'E arrivato la corona bella!
Brother Parvus
Selina's expression in panel 2 is priceless.
Brother Parvus
@InfectedBloodComics: This reminds me of my favorite Peter S. Beagle story, "A Fine and Private Place", but not so sweet.