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When she said "doesn't that bother you?" I thought of Shrek...
@PKM-150 If new eeveelutions are added to sword and shied, will it impact the comic, or the sequel? I've been wondering that for a bit, and was hoping you would have an answer.
Yeah! New page! My week I'd great, I beat botw yesterday, and now a new page? I'm so happy right now
Where did this come from! I must read it
Husband, brother, and 3 unmatched kids? Sound oddly familiar
I spy with my little eye, a possible girlfriend for Trace
" we're ask the same kind after all " trump and the other world leaders can learn a Thing or two from this comic
@DreamHorrendous like you said earlier, espeon is a Sun pokemon, and eevees name is sunshine. BUT, her friend is a SHINEY pokemon. Coincidence? I'm 99.99% sure it is.
I can't figure out how to edit... I'm new to the website I don't know how it works, sorry
Dang. That's some good clue hunting. You should be on blues clues. I'm just kidding by the way. And yes, one can think that far ahead when one is sitting in the dark at night awake... I live this comic, incase you couldn't already tell.
@TeranganPkmtrainer what do you think of my idea. I posted it here. I thought you might like it
Just put it down in the comments of this page. Hope you enjoy, since you asked me to do it
It will start in chapter 10, witch would be called " look to the future" leafy and flare would get married in a special event. After that, they announce that they are moving out. Everyone decides to leave and live there own lives. Sunshine stays at the tree house, and speed moves 2 minutes down the road. A week later, Lazuli knocks on the door, and starts trying to tell speed about her feelings. She stutters allot. Speed then helps her by just kissing her, right in his doorway. She punches him, and says " thanks, that is just what I wanted". Then, there is a bunch of flashes. Speed and lazuli having a wedding. Sunshine meeting them back at speeds home. Sunshine evolving into a sylvion. Now, it's five years later. There are 3 eggs, mimicking the proluge of the series. After the middle eevee hatches, tired looking died and lazuli come in from another room. When they see the eevee, there eyes widen, and speed called everyone and tells them " it happened " and the series ends. Now wether Pkm-150 makes this the ending is up to him, but thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my theory.
Ok, somebody told me to type my theory for how this comic will end, so here I go.
I had an idea for how the series will end. I won't type it, because it will take to long
Does anyone know the usual upload schedule? I'm new here. If someone could tell me, it would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
I had an idea...
What if, in pokemon sword and shield, the pokemon wooloo could make a hybrid pokemon with eevee. Imagine it, a sheep that can evolve into sheep versions of the eeveelutions.