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Wow pichu got telekinesis
I love the new lion king
It may be the same as the original just real but it’s great
Or like how it shows his past it will show his future?.....

Plz tell me if I’m close.....
See the cover there’s two pichu..........
Were is the other.
I’m just thinking of a video game.... (AC)

Pichu’s Greed.
get Ready for the jump..
Shiro will steal it.
@BearFangs: I agree with you
Be carful little kid, that pichu could kill.
I like celery!!
It’s steeeevee

I’m very sorry
Wow fast again mate
Oh ok that’s good though. I like comic creators who make pages quickly to draw in other people.
It shows your committed.
That was fast
Ok nothing happening here really
Sorry I know it’s bad this is going down soon soz