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Hello! My name is GalaxyW0lfz. I am a british 14 year old who likes to read web comics, so far I am reading Eeveelution Squad which I highly recommend for people who like pokemon. I like to play video games and lots more! My favourite games are Five Nights At Freddy's (FNaF), Pokemon, MMO RPG and xbox games.
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@TrollTeodor: Stop saying First, it has been annoying PKM and he could give you a temp ban. Please respect him and stop saying first!
Wowzers this comic got more complicated, but it's very interesting, so keep up the great work!
@Joltyboii: Please don't say first because it annoys PKM
:OOOOO NO LAZULI!!! Also.. Miss Icey? And CC just got killed..
@DarkFireEevee: Oh cool, so you guys tell your ideas on that? That's a good idea
@Allbergerman: Aww, but why? Is it from the spam or..?
This is where the comments start to explode of people trying to guess what will happen next and some good ideas of the lore
Wow, Speedy is strong.. Hope Flare can get better too. Maybe he can use his power (eye) to defeat or help CC