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what about the question in page #59 where is vays frill that goes upon thy neck?
The very next line if I am not mistaken is arceus saying: I'm listening.
Its the journal thing. This will be interesting
Why are people still commenting even when we know the comic is not going to update for a long time?
@herrgurkis: a wall has appered
wall uses stubbed toe CRITICAL HIT
it waas supper efective
person has fainted.
The last hiatus was a false hiatus but this is the real hiatus. Lol
No me gusta in Spanish means I don't like or I don't like it.
For the translation to be I don't like it you would just say no me gusta. But to put I don't like the you would say no me gusta el.
@Heghog: i did question that part.
We did it boys harassment is no more.
@RoninHunt0987:do you mean the company catchphrase.
4 pages and you already have 9 fans. Good job keep it up. That's 2.25 fans per page
September 12th, 2019
Nostalgia intensifies*
@Allbergerman: just to confirm that archer2kipp didn't steel from me and I'm am archer2kipp. Here