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@Allbergerman: oh yeah she said that... I forgot she said that.
The only thing that's unexpected was cc having the 'virus' but could that's say a lot? Well looks like she just got it because its stage 0. Dose this mean much? Mabey, I wll think about this more later.
I like how there's new comments every couple minutes. Lol
@Alpha Star Keeper: speedy 2.0 was made after speedy 'retired' to look after sunshine. Speedy 2.0 even knows himself he's a mechanical clone.
Also speedy 2.0 is a completely different entity to the armours.
me: I'm going to post this comment,
Computer: are you sure?
Me: yes,
Computer: ARE YOU SURE,
Me: no,
Computer: correct.
@TheSerperior: you know that is a thing that can be turned off in the settings. Just look yourself.
@Allbergerman: should we find some way to create a efficient time line which data can be changes easily and quickly to point out key things, to clarify what has happened so we can give a more accurate conclusion. If we do this then it would be easier to theorise advents that might happen.
Or to just have a better understanding of what's happing. I already have word up but don't know were to start as speed hatching isn't the first thing we know happens. The simpler the timeline the easier it should be to read so I think we should stick with a simple linear timeline if posable
@Allbergerman: Maybe so but ali was being attacked as speed 2.0 was *talking to himself* he wouldn't be attacked as they were not after him
But Ali was being attacked.
I come to think in panel 5 is speed 2.0 in some sort of building complex. But I think that happened because at speed 2.0 thought he wasn't connected to the original speed as a mysterious voice in his head says he knows where the original speed is and wants to kill him so speed 2.0 tried to disconnect from speed but failed and I think that happened on the exact moment of panel 5 which then allow speed to see what speed 2.0 is seeing. And that is what I think the explanation is for that in the 5th panel.
@Allbergerman: I wouldn't ever thought of that
@SuperbroRules25: idk but just let me read everything on deviantart just to recertify what's happening
Edit: I didn't realise how much more is on deviantart than I thought like there is 50 thing I never knew existed O.O
@SuperbroRules25: the mysterious one in panel 5 I'm assuming is cc as your in speeds perspective facing a glaceon and in the 2nd panel its speed facing cc so it wouldn't hurt to say its cc.
@SuperbroRules25: Oh yeah I forgot about that stuff, thanks.
@SuperbroRules25: what's with everyone and speedy 2.0? I'm I missing something?
@Eeva the Eevee: nope, huge colour difference and looks difference.
On deviantart PKM did say he will only be posting twice this month, but already posed three times.
As on:
He says No ANE page this month due to school projects and interviews, There will be 2 pages next month. Which was posted last month July, which means on July the 19th he said he will only update twice this month because of job interviews and school project's.
So it's one of two things; one he had more time on had than he thought he would have, two he is pushing himself. Probably why it was posted at 1:35am. I have no clue why I wanted to share this, its just me probably overlooking this. :P
Also keep up the good work you made a person's day ... well night I can say.
Looks at saying "the truth may be bad but a lie is worse" yeah I'm going to throw that away.
After being busy doing something for 2 weeks or so I was only expecting one page as pkm said on diventart that he will only post 2 comics this month so will we not have any more comics the rest of the month I won't complain about it as I too have stuff to do and if I'm have nothing I have other stuff to do so pkm if you're reading this take your time as rushing stuff can lead to worse quality work, Go for quality over time. And if people complain about wanting to have more comics just ignore them as you are choosing to do this so you should be having fun not being stressed about it, need a break have one it will only do you good. In my opinion you are a great person keep up with the amazing work also don't rush yourself.
@Allbergerman: I realised that when I read it was just my first impression of seeing like 4 paragraph's