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August 31st, 2012
That's one adorable way of saying goodbye to your comic. Looknig forward to future projects though!
Haha I know where you're comming from XD It's always a bit akward to look back at old work..even if it's only a year old @A@; (I've been at 9 Chances for 7 years, but I'm too stubborn to give up on I?) But your comic is very enjoyable to read and I totally respect your decision. I'll be looking forward to your next comic though! Very exciting.
I like the girl already. Wait, which girl you're asking? The one without the glasses!
I like the girl already. Wait, which girl you're asking? The one without the glasses!
Always lovely when characters think about introducing themselves in their minds! Lovely new page Pockey!
PFFT SO PREFECT. Oh. My eyes. I need sunglasses but I don't have any.
So awesome. Very strong title page!
Aww loving the angle. I would have liked him just as much if he was a girl :)
THEY LAST PANEL IS SO BEAUTIFUL! *full frontal defeat*
6 months porn for you. (Ohwait,yougotanopronrule,sono6monthpornafterall)

Either way, good luck with your exams!!
Darn it, I wanted to draw you some extreme porn! Pffft, but I do wish you book luck with lots of awesome entries! I'm too busy with school sadly...haven't even finished your gift yet. Probably not until the holiday (SAD).
I just...realized it was a lady he was talking to. But that's no surprise knowing me, I fail at looking at reality or drawn. HAHAHA. EITHER WAY I LIKE HOW DETERMIND HE IS ON THE LAST PANEL. THE BOY HAS POTENTIAL.
They sure plant mircochips in everything these days! Pffy and I guess... I'll be looking forward to his death...then...?
Looks like death hasn't found your eyes yet heh, young man. *butt-butt-giant-butt* The expressions on this page are drawn cute, even if he looks shocked with a perfect single tear. And what did you say?'re perfect? Yes you are young lady!
It Gemstone Palisade turns out to be real anyway, then we should move there.

Also; your update brings great joy. And is me or are the details of the art getting nicer and nicer? IT'S SO GOOD.
I hope you took one mighty nap as you deserve to be well rested! And I lvoe this, 1; because it's pixel art, 2; because you always know what I want to see 3; which is your art 4; dotttttssss. 5; blush and eyeshades that doesn't make the character look like a transvestite. 6; you're prefect.
March 16th, 2012
I like the different colour choice. And I'll be looking forward to see the new layout! (but take your time)
March 12th, 2012