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@Leafy Savanna Chan: <3 You're such a wonderful reader Leafy! Thank you!
You guys are amazing
Thank you so much for the support through out the years! I imagine a lot of old readers may no longer be here anymore but if they ever do read this, thank you! To all the current readers, thank you very much for your amazing patience and for sticking with me through the end. You're so kind and I appreciate your support. <3 Take care!
@Keysha: I had to think really hard, haven't worked on this comic for a long time, but I know switched roles for them. The sheep was female for example. As for your other question, things would be explained in later chapters.
End of chapter 8
And there is it, the last page of chapter 8! Thank you for reading this comic :) You're truly amazing! <3

There drew 3 pages of chapter 9 but that's so few, I don't know it's worth uploading unless there are more pages. Anyway, as I mentioned before, I wrote all the comments on the latest pages on January 28. I'll probably post a status update soon!
One more page
Almost there.
Did you know
That the subject of this tale was decided through a contest? And by subject I mean the relationship between the characters. I could look up when that was but I'm too lazy. ;n;
Time sure flies.
In case you didn't know, I wrote all the comments on the pages updates on January 28.
They look familiar…
It's still March in case you wondered!
It's March!
This chapter is actually quite short
Compare to previous chapters.
I don't know what I'm doing
Uuuh I'm updating the pages that have been lying around since 2015. Hmm, yes. 10/10 right here! But that also speaks volume of the status of this comic. Sure, I would like to continue this comic but truth be told, life is too busy. Work always takes the front seat and fun, free-time projects like this one will always be pushed back. It's unfortunate but it's reality.

This comic was created in 2005. Yes, it's been 12 years haha. I've planned out the entire story and it would be amazing if I could finish it. The story is really long so it's no surprise that it takes a long time to tell. Currently I have no idea when or if I'll able to draw new pages. But who knows? Maybe in the far future I can revive the project in one way or another.

Anyway, those are the thoughts that suddenly crossed my mind. I'll think about it some more. In the mean time I'll upload the remaining pages.
@AlkseeyaKC: Aw thanks! You're the sweetest! >u< And that's nice! Might be interesting to move there @w@; *has to think hard*
@Storms Fury: I can understand your worries, but all is fine :) I'm just super busy with life! Thanks for sharing your opinion on the website!
@Biblivor: Thank you Biblivor! I'll give it a good thought and keep you updated :)
@AlkseeyaKC: Thank you for sharing your thoughts AlkseeyaKC! Which site do you think is more active these days?
And more support for the artists is interesting. I haven't looked into it yet but I will!
@WindowMaker: Haha yes XD But it's tough. Work comes first and hostly I'm still not sure whether I'll have time to work on this comic, but it's still on my mind :)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the sites!