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Not much to say really. I basicaly like manga anime and animation. One more thing I can't live without is music as I also play the guitar. My dream in life is to make a short anime animation with my own soundtrack for music and maybe someday record a rock'n roll album with my friends and maybe play in a concert or two. Yes I am a pure artist at heart but I'm still not there in the skill department. I guess I'll get there sooner of later.
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The manga may be over but...
the anime is far from complete! Im working on it very hard and you can se here the fruits of my work :D

comment and enjoy :D
The End
Comments on the manga??
Today my manga ends...
update 3/4
Today my manga ends...
update 2/4
Today my manga ends...
Update 1/4
Not the best start but...
I hope its good enough.
Before Chapter 3 Starts!
I will post some color character profiles.

Comment please.
End of Chapter 2!!!
Okay! End of chapter 2! Finaly!! I hope you enjoyed it.

I would be very happy if you could comment on chapter 2. You can comment on anything art, plot, pace, action.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
2 more pages left.
Comment please.
Comments please!
Those of you who follow my manga and those of you who just stumpled upon it. Please take a min and comment. This is so I can make it better in the future.
... I drawn 3 pages today, but I just couldn't manage to ink them all. I'll try inking the other two tomorow. Hope you enjoy.
Heh I bet you only read some pages. I know its not exactly like FFVII! Heck my intentions aren't to be like FFVII! If I wanted to make it like FFVII I wold have titled it FFVII! So don't rant about it. Its my manga and the only thing FFVII about it is the inspiration.

If you don't like it don't read it. Nobody is forcing you.
About Chapter 2 Art
I know that the style has changed from chapter 1. Chapter 1 was made with real care. Well duh! It's chapter 1. But I don't think that the lineart style from chapter 1 and the screen tones are my style. I hope you still enjoy.
Beyond Fiction Continues!!!
with a blast...
April 22nd, 2009
Hi! It's been a long time!
Sorry about your mom but I'm happy she's getting better. I haven't been following your comic in a while and I got to read thourgh about 20 pages.

I must say it's getting better and better, story and art. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the first pages. They are fine. If they were bad you wouldn't have so many fans :)

Well I started on a new project too. If you happen to get some free time please take a look at it. The manga is titled Beyond Fiction in my profile here.

Take care, bye!
Not New but....
The last page I digitaly remastered.
Man long time for the update!
Sorry guys but I have been very busy with school application and school starts next week so above all I'm nervous like hell :D Hope you enjoy this page as I have taken my sweet time in drawing it.