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My avatar is not mine. It's the cover of Skitty Girl (the cover is drawn by Oranges_and_Pears btw) shrunk down to 110x125 and saved into a GIF file. NOT. DRAWN. BY. ME
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Wow! I've just caught back up to this, and I'm glad I started reading it again! I absolutely adore mewthree, especially how overprotective he is! With all these characters, it makes me wonder how the character I submitted will be treated. Oh well, absolutely no rush, it's your story! Keep up the good work! Best of luck!
I noticed
Why was there two panels with the same thing?
It's Okay
Maybe it's some random trainer who's passing by. And it could be a long walk.

Did you change the way you drew hair btw?

And Gio's intimidating little girls. Bad Gio.
I love it! Although in panel one, Kipper shouldn't be in the background. She's still taking a rest in the cave.
And the fifth panel is very cool! I didn't give any specifics on how the flash-future should be portrayed, but you did it. And the way you made Crystal, is better then what I can do! I love how Ari is acting like an innocent child.
Here we meet some future characters... This is the prologue to Skitty Girl. At least, the prologue cover.
I had two random thoughts.
1. You could just go 'you know, I should be putting this part in... But I think I'm going to do this instead!' or
2. what if you forgot Hillaree's past and just faked it?
(contains PMD2 spoilers) I've got a theory now. Only if Mesprit is saying Hillaree is his partner.
Hillaree is from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 and Mespirit was the partner pokemon. Before Hillaree dissapeared, Mewthree saved her and she got her memory wiped.

Either that, or Hillaree is from Twinleaf! XD
The flashy new banner caught my attention. It's shiny!
Heroines (or heroes) lose. But not in very IMPORTANT battles.
That can't be good!

Just to let you know, I'm also keeping up with Gotta Past and Just Mewtwo. Is it bad I read them BEFORE I read Just Gotta?

Edit: First comment!
How do you plan on tying in both PMD1 and PMD2?
Their ages aren't really clear. I didn't even realize until recently that Emerald should be older then Kipper. Also, for all the fans, the chapter cover should pretty much give away the real reason. I soo want to introduce Aurora soon!
I switched it so now it's moved as chapter 3, page one.
I forgot to mention...
This page was supposed to go before the last two pages. But I love it anyway! *hugs* This scene was originally done in a hospital, but I thought that was a bit drastic. You'll find out by the end of the chapter anyway! I love the first and last panel! The bubble thing is okay, in my overlapping bubbles, there's nothing under there. By the way, it kind of looks in the second panel like April's a kid, but Kipper and April are the same age.
Is it...
a fan character?
I personally think Teams are overused. Sure, my comic has the teams from the 1st 3 generations, but the main villian is SOLO and another character's d- *slaps hand over mouth*
I noticed...
There are 3 links up there that lead to comics. One to the first comic, one to the first chapter, and one to the 2nd chapter. So will this be a 3 chapter thing?
I looked at the ice wall and from the small picture, at first I thought it was regice. Just imagine looking at the comic and seeing a giant regice in front of the characters! Better yet, imagine that from Hillaree's point of view!
Of course
Since you're the co-author! ^^
I loved all the designs! Did I mention I'm back?