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hi! this is dolphin : )
i like to draw, hang out with my friends, and making/eating cakes! ^^
I have a DA account under the same username--visit my page at!

Take me Away - active
My Sweet Bodyguard - currently on hiatus-i will start working on it once i finish the one above
True Feelings at Last - will start working on it..some day...
i have finished and found a long lost that i updated, i'm back up and running on this manga?!
(well hopefully :)
tests are officially over!! <333
this means that you guys can expect a couple more pages heading your way in the next couple of days!!
finally an update <3 sorry i haven't been updating-- it's testing season soon in spring :((( so many things coming up!!
but i'll work hard to upload as much as i can and sorry that this page is too plain.. ㅠ.ㅠ
February 25th, 2011
another update~
besides the right panel i like this page overall.. please leave your thoughts and comments on the story so far ^_^
February 22nd, 2011
this page is really simple-- and i hate it when people fall asleep or ignore me when im trying to talk to them.. >.<
February 22nd, 2011
finally another update! i didn't really like how this page turned out.. :(
February 4th, 2011
finally an update!!
sorry i haven't been updating;; i had finals and tests so i was busy for awhile :( hope you guys all had a good chinese new years yesterday!
January 11th, 2011
2 pages in one day <3
here's another page i finished a while ago.. i was going to give about 5-6 pages all at once but two is the best i can do so far because i've been busy! ;0;
and i dont even like how i drew this page very much...
January 11th, 2011
so i was planning to upload a bunch of pages all at once but i haven't had time to work on my pages for the last couple of days because..
1)it was my birthday yesterday!!
but please enjoy this page <3
January 6th, 2011
yay! finally another page!
i finally got around to finish a page after winter break ended-- and more pages are soon to come! please wait for a big update! ^^

and a lot of stuff are finally explained-- the next couple of pages will be able the explanation..i think?
December 28th, 2010
i love the last panel on the bottom left! >u<
December 27th, 2010
Yay another page! im getting better at this! :D
December 26th, 2010
uploading 2 pgs in one day! :)
yay!! i was able to finish this one quicker-- i'm getting better and quicker!! ^^
and finally some talking... ;p
December 26th, 2010
yes! pg 2 done!
i suck at drawing things like cars and coloring them so please excuse that poor looking car :(
the pose the characters end up in is veryyy awkward.. but i liked how i drew it hehehe.. ;p
Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone had a great christmas!
December 22nd, 2010
YAY! first page!
so the first couple of pages will have no words spoken.. well that's a bit boring so i'll have to try my best to draw the pictures well to keep evryone interested.. >//<
December 22nd, 2010
Here's the cover! It doesn't look very well drawn because i drew this last year and it was done really quick.. but here's cheers to the start of the story!
Yup, finally something uploaded! it's a filler... i'v always wanted to draw the like this xD;;

it's a doodle, sorry T.T
i love the topp left panel <3
but other than that, i dont like this page :(
its good so far ^^