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I love to read mangas and nora robert books. I play the violin. I enjoy drawing and writing. I like hanging with my friends, I am now married and i work in a casino.

If ya want to see more of my stuff I'm also on DeviantArt:

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Yes, i had been doing inktober. So here's day 1-8. The male character from day 5 is Balthazar; who belongs to my friend anne on deviantart and yes i censored bar my character Katt in that same day for the sake of the readers in case there's younger ones on here. The rest of the characters do belongs to me Masked-Moon aka KattMcAdam
Born and raised in Vegas as well as at one of the stores in between the casinos with a friend at her store when the event that occurred Sunday night happened. Luckily we made it out safely. So please... i ask for a moment of your time to give a moment of silence to those that didn't make it and for those that were affected by this one way or another. Thank you.
yes, we're doing this. I know, Lexis is never one to show that she's upset about something and doesn't like to worry her friends or her father and Sugure, so for Katsumi to see it is hard. Especially since Katsumi was her first friend. Lexis in this concept is very much like her father. They both always seem happy and try not to be a bother to anyone while getting through the day. Knowing that at the end of the day they have their friends, they have Sugure and they have each other.
i know
another week without a comic, i know. As it said, its been rough this week. More or less having to with the in vitro. Im not going to go into it here, but thanks for understand. i don't know how i will be next week, so please keep being amazing and being patient with me. Thank you.
sorry its late. New work schedule, still working it out between here and work ^^;
i have brought up my in vitro a couple of times, well tuesday was my egg transfer, so between being sore and tired, i haven't managed to get much of anything done. i can't guarantee anything will be done next week, but thats just a heads up. thanks for understanding
sorry its late! better late than never ^^;
just a headshot of a whole drawing i did that will go into a book for the webcomic with a slight modification ^^
eh, couple of the colors are a bit off, but not bad ^^
I know it's early, but oh well. Also decided to try just traditional with color pencils. I like it, but its not going to be my usual. I still like traditional drawing/coloring digital.
yup. I've been streaming on there for a while, just haven't had a chance to bring it up here. Here's the stream:
So here's the other announcement. I've been trying to work on a podcast based off the webcomic sometime after the kids are out of school and Lexis is part time assistant making the morning announcements. Hopefully it'll be in full swing by September. I will announce when it starts when it gets closer ^^
heh ^^
Yup, i have a patreon now. Come check it out!
Yup, chapter six is finally done ^^ for a while it'll be art and an announcement i put up till chapter seven starts
Yes....its a sex's Lexis, you really shouldn't be surprised.
Happy Mother's Day
I know it's early, but hey it's also my birthday on mother's day. So hope you guys have a good mother's day
Technically the anniversary was on the 26th, but i didn't want to put it out too early so im putting it up now. Can't believe it's been this long. That next year will be a decade. I will defiantly have something special for that one. ^^
I've gotten into an anime called "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" and the two main characters reminded me of Katsumi and Lexis. So i have them cosplaying (except the horns on Lexis's head don't match the ones on Tohru because the horns on Lexis are her actual horns ^^ )
Yup, Lexis's Cerberus puppy's (yes, I mean puppy) name is Fluffy ^^