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I love to read mangas and nora robert books. I play the violin. I enjoy drawing and writing. I like hanging with my friends, I am now married and i work in a casino.

If ya want to see more of my stuff I'm also on DeviantArt:

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last art for now
I have one more fanart and then we got some comics coming
yeah, title not creative, but Sugure looks great ^^
Ten years after the tenth year anniversary. So it gives you a small idea of what will be going on with them as adults ^^
From when i did the anniversary stream. Here's them at one ^^
Well it was yesterday (4/26) but still. I am so happy that I made it to ten years with my webcomic and thank you to all the readers that's stuck with my webcomic; whether you're brand new or have been reading Deadline since the beginning. Thank you everyone! i look forward to another ten years!

(do expect a little more art that i've done from my anniversary livestream, but there will be comics again soon)
So yeah, that's it....also a small peek at a sketch i had for the character guide book ^^ hope to see you guys there
Here's the link to that journal:
Here's the second sneak peek of the guide book. if still want to get in on it, just comment here and i'll give you a number. just remember to show up for the livestream. i will announce that shortly
i did it as one panel because i love how it came out. Probably could have done it bigger, but oh well ^^;
I know im late. Im very sorry. I've been sick and life, but here's a profile of what the Katsumi doll will be as it is being made for the 10th year anniversary raffle. ^^
Here's a sneak peek to just a page from my character guide book that im raffleing off. Here's the link to more info 4376
February 22nd, 2018
Link to my journal from DA 4376
Happy Early Valentine's Day!
Here's the link to the journal
please give it a read. It should be a lot of fun ^^ niversary-724651203
My gift from my secret santa. Thank you @Squirreltastic-Blue ^^
@TheJGamer: Hi, i was your secret santa. glad you liked it ^^
That is so awesome! thank you! ^^
Hope you guys have a safe and happy holidays!