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Just an amateur comic maker.
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    I Aint tellin you.
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It is a bit big. Anyhow, man you and Mage have come a long way, your style's are so much more refined now, like a real comic. My format is so bland in comparison.
Not bad, not bad at all.
Oh Snap, Shroud of Shadows, I didn't think you would go there. Props dude, props.
Now let's see what you guys can do.
There's old Shroud. Speaking of him, did you think of the Green aura for him? Or did I pioneer that along with the "Shroud Dash" in Super Sprite Brawl 2? I can't remember. Also long time no see again.
December 19th, 2010
You have grown, Mage. I'm proud to see how far you've come. All this time and you're still going strong, stronger than ever.

It's amazing seeing how much your comics have advanced. Makes me a little envious. I really need to thoroughly check them all out. Cheers dude.
~Fin, for now.
Well that's the last page. Most recent dating around early-mid 2009.

If there is any update after this it'll be completely brand new. Hope you enjoyed this unfinished comic.
That's it for the speedway. Everyone's crossed it.
Not one of my better issues.
That was the point. There was no story.

People signed up characters to put in a comic where everybody dukes it out to see who comes out on top. Same with SSB2. In all honesty I was inspired by SSBB. I mean Sub Space EM sort of has a story. But It mostly seemed like random fighting for a while.
They are one being canonically. But in this, they are separate.
My second largest issue of any comic.

A good 24 panels.
Yeah I know, crappy lightning. I was never good at it. I'm a little better now but, ehh. I'll stick to beams and glows.
Welcome to the wastelands. We arrive here from the speedway. Consider it the next area arc.
The point of this issue more than anything was to test out a "Face-Off" type of panel. Which is what I did at the end.
Don't comment
on that last panel, please..

It was addressed more than enough times back when I first made this issue.
Guess Tails'll have to make a Tornado III now.

Double update today, the 2nd will be up at exactly 12:00 PM. An hour and a half to be precise.
Well, I never finished this, I've got at least a good dozen more issues to put up. But when I continue this, then we'll talk. Send me a PM or something showing me your char and sheet.

Depending on the sheet, they may interfere, fight directly or do something completely random.
Say hello to Rainmaster.
Or his spirit at least. Rainmaster is Drizzle's older brother and although not in the comic directly, his spirit (or something like that) helped Drizzle in her time of need.

I shouldn't need to say this but some people don't read all issues of a comic or even the description of it. Rain and Drizzle aren't my characters.
The middle ground.... Ah! I remember that place, I used to read comics there. It was before I actually started making them.

But, I get your point. I suppose the general Idea of the BGs for me was: The bigger the bg, the bigger the potential explosion or effect. But As seen in other comics of mine and some panels of this one, I adapted to a more zoomed look for the bgs and the sprites. A style I stick to more than any to this day.