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Samantha finds herself confronting another monster in a nest where they are birthed.
Page 1 of chapter picking up where Chapter 1 left off. Enjoy...
I apologize for the two year hiatus, it was no intentional, as I had computer issues that I needed to sort through. But I'm back and ready to do this.
Chapter 1 ends...
Erica and Samantha have made their way through the tower. Once inside they come across sacks that have monsters contained in them.

DistubedLeader's Notes:"Whelp Part 1 comes to an end. I had planned on ending each arc after 21 or so pages. So Part 2/Chapter 2 of Shining Serenity in four months. :p
Erica exerts herself a little destroying the beast. With the threat gone, she and Samantha can continue their investigation.
Samantha combats the monster, before Erica jumps in and kicks the monster in the face, before she reminds Samantha of their mission.
Samantha confronts the monster and battles it.
A monster has emerged from the tower confirming Erica's suspicions about it, before Samantha charges the beast.

DisturbedLeader's Notes:Hopefully the narrative will be easier to construct as determining what happens next doesn't come easy without planning. And I'm not sure why...
Erica and Samantha arrive at the tower as something begins to emerge from it.

DisturbedLeader's Notes: I made an update on time! YES! Now that I know it can be done, I need to continue to do it. :p
Erica explains the mission they'll be embarking on as Samantha wonders why Erica picked her for the task.

DisturbedLeader's Note:

And with that, I'm up to date. I apologize for the procrastination and will work to update this on time in the future.
Erica destroys the monster, thus saving Samantha and her friends.

DisturbedLeader's notes:

Okay so there is another page to upload after this one and I'll be caught up with my uploads.
Erica battles against the monster to protect Samantha and her friends.

DisturbedLeader's Note:

I made mistake in not uploading each page I finished. As this page and the next few pages are several weeks late.
I apologize for the lack of updates
I apologize for the lack of updates. Life's been rough, and I really should've made a point to update this given the kind of progress I was making with other projects.
Say what? O_O
There's a Steven Universe fan made webcomics?! How have I not known about this?! :O
I just realized the mistake I made with this...
This was intended to be the back cover, but that changed...
And thus ends Hollow Warriors Year 1. Tune in for Year 2, when it's done.
Not sure if this feels like a cop-out. But yeah I liked Crudrik when I created him and didn't want him to be a one-shot villain.
Save the world on Halloween, go trick o' treating. I thought of ending it here, but didn't... Not sure if I made the right choice...
Chase's attack destroys a 5,000 year old demon emperor of tremendous power... I regret this ending. If y'all hate this resolution, I won't blame you.