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Hello to those of you stopping by :D

I am a hobby comic artist, drawing up personal story concepts in my spare time, between commissioned work and costume projects :) Sadly, I am not the fastest artist out there, so these pages take a bit of time. I do apologize if you fancy a story and I can't get the pages up as frequently as I wish I could. Thanks for any feed back!
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Apologies for the page dumping!
Yep, apologies for dumping a pile of pages on you guys that still pop in on this comic D: I've had these several pages sitting for a while because... well, while I always work on pages, I sometimes lose motivation on sharing my personal story ideas, or I just don't have time to make enough pages to keep it interesting for all of you to keep reading. So, long ass hiatus was long. I do appreciate those of you that do read this story though :3

Not sure when I will be able to mass post again, as I am spread thin with updating art for a portfolio, studying a second language, work, and attempting to eat food in there somewhere >.>
Holy crap Milestone!
Mmmmyeah, I did actually make it a long while ago, but since I finally got off my butt to post some of the pages I've had sitting this whole time, I suppose posting this along with it made sense too :)
Happy New Year!
A few days late, but wanted to keep my Wednesday update time. I hope you all had a happy New Year and Christmas (if you celebrate it). Picking back up on Symbios, with a couple spare pages (lelelelelel never gonna get a buffer again XD).
A little info...
Random fact, as there was no reason for me to explain it within the page: Xedondrians lay their dead to rest by cremating the body and rolling the ashes into a glass orb, colored like the eyes of the deceased. The orb is then inserted into a crystal, colored like the hair of the deceased. For Zanni's parents, their crystals were placed in the location where they first met: the gardens of the academy where her mother attended, and her father taught.
I've been wanting to update the comic banner to Symbios for AGES now, and finally got around to it. I more or less remade the original concept... just better since my art isn't as terrible (it's bad enough, but now with glitter added \o/ Sparkle-ness makes everything better). Now back to attempting a buffer for myself >.> Enjoy something in color, for once XD
Mini break, incoming!
Sadly, I will have to hold back on submissions for a couple weeks after this page because I am moving to a new apartment next week. :3 I will need some time to settle in and get things unpacked, so it will take me a little to get settled into my art hermit groove again XD
Well now...
Apologies for the rather long delay in page production. I keep a lot of projects for the sake of always trying to keep occupied. And, unfortunately, sometimes that puts this comic to the side. Not sure if I'm completely back on my weekly update, as I'm trying to keep a good buffer with this story, but I will try, as always :D
September 25th, 2014
@Epic Chibi: She idolizes her sister a bit much XD
But but... but... what happened to them in the first place? D:
Happy 350 pages :D
Made it to 350 pages and survived! So, I think a colored piece is in order :D Xedondrians would likely be dragon-type pokemon, so: Zanni as a Goodra, Zephyr as a Noivern, and Zamuti as a Dragonair!
Back in business maybe?
Sorry for the rather long delay. I had to haul ass to finish a cosplay for Anime Expo, which was this past weekend :) Now that the heavy costume work is out of the way, I can get back to drawing things again. Thank you to those of you that were patient with me :3
Taking a (hopefully) brief hiatus :D
Howdy all!

Sadly I don't have a new page ready for this week, and it may be that way for a couple of weeks. I am currently trying to work on a costume for Anime Expo, and it's more demanding than I imagined, being that I'm using new materials for crafting. But, since the convention in is a few weeks, I should be done with it by then, and then it's back to pages and artwork :D Thanks for bearing with me!
@c: As far as information on his wife, it says little about her age, when they married, and when she died. It just says "a while" and "some time ago". -shrug-

Of course, I'm not saying OMG IT IS, but I'm stating why my thoughts wandered into that instant conflict realm XD
For some reason, I keep thinking that Lawrence's wife was Kenneth's sister. Oh god, WHAT IF!? D:
OOooo plot twist!
Rosalie is actually to become an evil queen, feeling envy towards this new beauty :v No, but really, it's great to see a new page :3
Sadly, no new page this week, as I am quite busy trying to finish what I can for summer conventions (cosplays of Karma and a quick Pokemon trainer). So, some color art for this week, featuring High Keeper Aiden and Keeper Barda of Fendrias :)
Head's up: I may not have a page next week. My apartment is being renovated, so I haven't been able to work as I normally do :C
New symbiote time :D They are called owleon (ow-lee-awn), and they are from Alteris.

Little bit on owleons: it is preferred to encounter one while it appears "bemused" or "drowsy", as it means it is calm. When aggravated, the eyes widened and cause hypnosis, sleep paralysis, or hallucinations, making them quite handy allies. And this is also not including their sheer size and brute strength :>. Though they prefer the dark (since Alteris is in constant nightfall), they are completely capable of functioning in daylight hours.
Double pages again :v
Managed to get a second page done for this week while procrastinating other projects >.> That, and I didn't want to leave the sisters unannounced XD (though, one more is missing, but she'll have to wait for later for now -sigh-) Hope you like!
February 11th, 2014
Double pages :D
Eep! So I spaced out on WoW and Pokemon and completely forgot to clean up pages last week. So, two pages this week :3 Enjoy the grumper pants Sasquatches XD