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Hello to those of you stopping by :D

I am a hobby comic artist, drawing up personal story concepts in my spare time, between commissioned work and costume projects :) Sadly, I am not the fastest artist out there, so these pages take a bit of time. I do apologize if you fancy a story and I can't get the pages up as frequently as I wish I could. Thanks for any feed back!
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    Daylen Gieg
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O_O -mild panic- OH GAWD NOOOOOO D:
Oooooof that first panel is just MAGIC! So lovely <3
But but... but... what happened to them in the first place? D:
@c: As far as information on his wife, it says little about her age, when they married, and when she died. It just says "a while" and "some time ago". -shrug-

Of course, I'm not saying OMG IT IS, but I'm stating why my thoughts wandered into that instant conflict realm XD
For some reason, I keep thinking that Lawrence's wife was Kenneth's sister. Oh god, WHAT IF!? D:
OOooo plot twist!
Rosalie is actually to become an evil queen, feeling envy towards this new beauty :v No, but really, it's great to see a new page :3
OMG YES! What a surprise to see this updated. Can't wait to see more :3
December 30th, 2013
Such a great comic! Can't wait to see the bonus material :3 Wonderful job!!!!!
June 5th, 2013
Corrick: Gettin' real tired of you BS, Teigan

Lol! Really love the way you execute expressions :3
Hello pretty bunny man :3
Love this moment. One of the strangest moments one can go through is the self reflection and honesty of admitting how you really feel about someone else :)

Now go forth and show your FEEEEEEEEEEEELS :F
December 31st, 2012
I do like the look of this character (freckled ginger... awwww yeah). She's got a bit of the "den mother" appeal to her. Can't wait to see the role she really plays :3
Oh, I do still like Madalina's character. Very blunt, but still manages some coy-ness in there :3
@yuugi: Nothing wrong with a villain being liked (I find that happens all too often XD). I like a character that can create some good conflict in the story. In that sense, I see her being quite likable for me :P
I don't know how I feel about her... I'm leaning more towards liking her. I do, however, love her design! :D Enjoying every upload!
Oh Kenneth... you so smooooth with the ladies XD God, I am loving his character more and more.
So great to see an update for this comic :D And glad the kickstarter program was a success for you guys! Can't wait to get a comic from you! :3
Douchebag inc :P Can't wait to see this rivalry get under way XD
See, when this comic started, I was all for BethxLawrence... Now I'm like 'screw Lawrence, panties off for Kenneth XD".

Seriously, I've enjoyed watching the development of his character and relationship with Beth :)
Awww, that's so sad :C The poor dear.