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The Jassi-fricka-nation
I enjoy writing, developing story lines, watching anime, wrestling, and Jigglypuff. Not Pokemon, JUST Jigglypuff... Well, Pokemon isn't that bad...

ANYWAYS, while I'm not one to skim through Smack Jeeves for all the comics they have, feel free to contact and let me know if you and/or a friend have a comic you think I should check out.
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Ebil. >] ... But kinda sad. :( ... >(

So, what inspired this page, exactly? :]
I didn't realize how long it was until I noticed the previous page was a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY PAGE...

Ah, nice to see it back. Also, nice long description about... how the blaster worked in... a very elaborated... fash-*snnnooooorreeee*...
Hmm, not sure what is more intriguing... The questions... Or Durzan's response to the answers... Yes, both quite intriguing...

Also, the Technical Difficulties page is awesome. AWWW, it's chibi Cedwick! :3
I just thought that it was totally random... and hilarious... Now, I realize that it's not that random... just somewhat random... and hilarious. :}
... Apparently, that sword fight will be her last...

Man, I'm so lost. Is this back in normal time now? I don't remember what happened last. o.o Oh well, I'll get into the swing of things sooner or later. :P
E.J. and James...

Ya know, E.J. is my brother's initials. o_6 (Not the same brother the pronounces swords funny... I have three and a half brothers, btw. ^_^ )

E.J. and Pinky?


Heee, at first, I forgot about that question. :D But, then I remembered... I sent two questions. ^_^

Asparagus is the bomb. :]
... Any pillow fights gonna happen? o.6

Man, that sword's so friggin' sweet. ^_^

My brother now always pronounces swords swords... no sords... swords... Something to do with, ancient Greek or Latin or Old English or something about how it used to be pronounced.

Intriguing, no doubt. ^_^
Awesome. I'm sure I have questions I could ask and stuff... Me asks lots of questions. :]

Well, now, I wonder how this will wrap up. ^_^
... I knew a girl named Destiny before... she didn't have a laser. ^_^

Well, ya kinda know Destiny means they ain't going back home, cuz, that'd mean the previous 150 pages wouldn't exist... But if they did go back home here...












I'll have to remember the (>'-')> from now on.

CHII!?!?! CHEESE!?!?! THE CHEESE THAT I... erm... ahem... *cough* TAILS FUCKED!?!?!


AWESOMENESS!!! THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!! Especially considering that, I don't know what happened with Britney Spears in the first place! I must commend you on bringing the truth before me!!

... Yeah, I think Daisy's way hotter, anyways...

Now, I was wondering... when exactly did Daisy appear into the Mario Bros. scene? What game exactly? ... Wait, I can use Smash Bros. Melee to tell me that! It knows EVERYTHING...

Well... somethings...


So what if I know everything I know from Smash Bros. Melee! Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?!
Aww, and I thought it was a good looking sprite. :'(
a·muse /&#601;&#712;myuz/ Pronunciation Key - [uh-myooz]
–verb (used with object), a·mused, a·mus·ing.
1. to hold the attention of (someone) pleasantly

A lot of the time, one's view of a word can vary different from another. ^_^