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Thanks guys ^__^

@Toot - I'm British sadly. I set the story in germany, hence the vague language bits.

@Pokemon? - Yeah I drew it with markers and did the background with photoshop.
Sorry about this
I'm afraid I'll be travelling again for the next three weeks or so, so I might not be able to upload for a while. Things will get considerably better when I'm back at university, but in the meantime here's some concept artwork for later in the story/possible sequel
Lol, it's Jayke! Remember him?

It was kinda werd drawing him again after concentrating on Raphe and Elna for so long. Hopefully he's turned out ok ^__^
Oh El, you perve.

This page is incredibly sketchy and I will tweak it once I get my computer back (tablet+laptop=AHHHH!*%&£$%*)
Aww She's adorable.
I'm so lazy, I've done absolutely nothing today. XD Anyway I've wanted to colour this lineart for a while and I finally finished it. Can you guess what Raphe used to do when he was alive?
Besides being a streaker...

Also I want some ideas for more fillers, cover art, thank you art and so on. So please feel free to send me some suggestions. Any theme you want providing that at least one of the four main characters is included <33

Updates will be a little less regular from now on since I'm staying with my parents as of tuesday and won't have such wonderful access to photoshop and SAI. I also have expos and random travelling in the summer. <33
Aww this is an awesome comic so far. *favs*
I love the chibis, they amused me greatly XD
Wow, so beautiful. I love your use of patterns and stuff, it gives things a very unique look. *favs*
Yay the seme triplets are back! :3 *Does a happy little dance*
Seme Beau? This concept amuses me.

But yeah, this page has a totally masterful cute moment <3 I loves eeet. XD
Well I finally managed a page after redrawing it for what seems like the ten thousandth time. But yeah I'm glad people like Raphe, even though he's the last main character to make an appearance thus making him relatively new.
I'll be hopefully updating ukiyo sometime tomorrow once I fully master the concept of drawing boats and landscapes. ^___^
Very pretty <3
Very beautiful. I love how you colour hair. <3
Hmm interesting concept. I like it <3
Aww how mean :( Very pretty page though <3
Haha, awesome expression <3
I love panel 1 <33