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hey hey!!
:] uhhhhh my namez chels and i luv to write stories. my mind is always coming up with ideas for stories every second of the day xD [[cuz im weird like that >.>]] uhh ....i say uhh alot. lol and that too! im 14, lazy, superduper tall xP, addicted to the simss2, hyper and pretty shy <;[ but whateva. oh oh!!! btw my stories that im gonna b submitting here are gonna b the sims 2 so im not drawing the art work but....its still mine so HAAAAA!!
ooooooooooou xO lol
i wish violet wood jus PUMMEL HER ALREADY!!! >:DD
hehehe x]]
so funnii ^.^
omg how dumb can she get? lol
stupid gravity lol x]]