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I get shield, and I'm glad I wasted 4 hours in the wild area hunting for Growlithe. She hasn't let me down and I've beaten the first three gyms mainly using her.
We need to send in the Coast guard.
No PKM is having real life issues. I heard on deviant art that they had some sort of accident.
I was going to say if your going with "Wish" having consequences then I would have suggested doing something along the line of dnd. Dnd's 5th edition 9th level spell wish has two parts. The first allows the caster to make a closed end wish which is simply to gain access to any other 8th level or lower spell. Or secondly and more dangerously the open ended side where you can literally break a dnd campaign, but the hang up with that is you could miss things up in any way. Depending on how twisted your dungeon master/game master feels like making it.
I believe he/she is referring to is it was, because now we must wait for the next page.
Aw poor thing is scared
Awe that will make one cry