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Please don’t use my real name too much. I’m kid that loves Pokémon (More especially Eevee and the Eeveelutions) I also love drawing, but I have a hard time drawing hands.
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@This is...: imma just gonna watch guests vs smackjeeves

Press F to pay respect
That’s me losing every anime fighting game
That’s literally me, because I will do anything for an eevee (give all my legendaries away cuz’ eevee my favorite pokemon)
Imagine if there was a CCTV in there
Plus pinkeevee posted in tumblr the comic just search (I think)
Guys it’s just been 4 months since it updated
@Guest: only 4 months
Hiatus because of quarter exams
Because I don’t want to fail QuQ
Only about 1 week tho
Yeah school is important
Isolated dessert? Boss stage?
I liek candies
Anyway this is late because of school and stuff
Sorry for lack of updates.
This is late because of school
(Frick stupid school)
Well, frick plot happens again
I’m craving Doritos now
Anyway sorry for this wiggly lines, I don’t have a stylus pen. 😅
Oh and what do you like More, thick lines or thin lines
Gives me naruto feels
I get dusks reaction and harmony is cute! Also, Happy birthday @Pinkeevee222!