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@Pokemon151: Thanks!! :)
welcome back to babies battle! i'm so sick of drawing birds i'm gonna cry
@Guest: You're absolutely right. Thank you for pointing that out!
afhskdhfkjsdhgkhsd omg the protag and rival's names are too real I'm dying

This is a hilarious concept so far!! I love how the pokemon names are all courses it gives me existential dread :))
how do you draw?? rocks???

My summer job started up again this week, so this page is a little shorter than normal. Not completely satisfied with the pacing but I already have the next couple pages sketched out (I did them at work heh) and they're going to be a lot of fun!
OKAY SO LET ME EXPLAIN. Magenta was supposed to have a bag on the previous page but I completely forgot, and all that stuff Prof. Oak gave her did NOT magically evaporate into the air in the last panel. So now I've rectified that. Also, convenient Town Map!

Also, I really, really wish I had thought of the name Squishy when I caught Flora. UGH. It's just so good. I couldn't pass it up, I HAD to use it somewhere.
It's finally happening! I've wanted to make a nuzlocke for so long that I finally said screw it, I just have to plunge in headfirst.

This nuzlocke is played on a Pokemon Blue rom, and I'm drawing the comic as I go, so every page will be just as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you! Let's have fun with this. :)

1. Catch only the first Pokémon encountered in each route/city/area.
2. If a Pokémon faints it is considered dead and must be released immediately.
3. Nickname all captured Pokémon.