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Nice one Daz..... now, where's the booze? ....... I'm sure someone mentioned alcohol .... No ?? Have I missed the point?? ...... hmmmmm
i prefer that programme "people who make stupid pointless comments on every comic they read!" ..... oh wait a minute ......:(
i like his face
good stuff
It's like when people have like 500 friends on thier facebook/myspace/bebo/facespace etc when they've never even met these people in real life - how sad!
also, very typical of England. the weatherman will sometimes tell you how sunny it is and you look out your window and it's pissing with rain - yuh-huh!!

ps, this is one of my favourites you've done
justice is very immoral !! how can we say justice is fair, especially in this day and age. the more you break the law, the more you're protected by it. crazy. and, yes Daz, a fine point well made
this can be looked at both ways though Daz, for example when someone has someone close to them die and they're really upset and you don't know what to say so you say something cliche like "i'm so sorry for your loss" which no matter how much you mean it, you always end up sounding like an unemotionally, detached douche-bag and in the same way, you don't want to just say nothing coz that's worse in a way - great debate
yeah it is funny how brave certain people can be when they're hidden behind a computer in a forum, i bet they wouldn't be so rude if you met them in real life
i feel left out now as i haven't seen that episode
coz everyone knows you can only really catch swine flu by having sex with a pig..... am i right?...
i agree totally, that last panel is awesome, and you definately should be proud of the statue of liberty, it looks great
lol tough love
we've got glorious sunshine now Daz - can't complain..... until tomorrow when it's pissing with rain again lol
i want someone to do a fan art of me!! :(
different style, but still the same lovable characters - nice