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Name's Shane. Making comics is something that I find rather riveting.

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October 1st, 2013
This was based off a real middle school, though I forgot the name. Really didn't wanna do this page....
September 30th, 2013
Goddamn it Walter. You made Noel all sad.
September 18th, 2013
September 17th, 2013
Maybe the next pages will have some color, idk...
September 17th, 2013
So, yeah, finally updating. I missed yesterday so I'll just do it today :V ENJOY
August 12th, 2013
@Lui-chan: /CHOKES. THANK YOU SO MUCH ~~~ That really makes me smile ;w; I'm glad anyone's taking any interest at all >v< I really hope to impress you. thankyou!!
August 6th, 2013
Thank You.
Thank you for clicking this. It's my first fully digital comic. I only hope that this will be a joyful ride for everyone who reads. I only hope it won't be a drag for the first few pages. I can only hope that even though there wasn't anything said about it on the profile of this comic, that it still interests you BECAUSE nothing was said. I want this comic to surprise you, to make you feel things with the characters, to be able to relate to them.

I want them to be just as human to you as they are to me. I'm... doing my best to not make it too serious, to just have fun with it for now. the story itself is vaguely written out, and I know what's going to happen, so all of this isn't just shit coming out of my ass. It's a story I've focused on for a while now. I only hope the presentation is... to your liking, and I only hope it gets much better in the long run.

Thank you so much for even clicking this. It means a lot <3
February 20th, 2013
I have to Start Over
Hello to the millions of people that read this. I come with slightly(?) grave news. You may have noticed that I haven't been updating in about a week I believe, and that's due to personal problems and whatnot, but it's also because this comic is upsetting to me. I don't think I'm bringing the characters much justice this way, so.

I have to restart the comic altogether.

I really messed up and I didn't have the story completely thought out. Plus I just got my new tablet and I can ink it digitally now ovo So, hopefully the presentation for this comic will be much better too.

I honestly didn't think I'd be putting much thought into this, but a story basically bloomed as I was making it, and I came up with more shit that would've been inaccurate if I kept going with whats been posted. AND, the way that Red was introduced was really sloppy and stupid >-> So I'm just gonna start over and make it much better, thankfully we didn't get anywhere with the first pages.
I hope you guys don't mind, but I wanna make this comic much better to look at than just random shit ;v;

So, HOPEFULLY, we can actually get somewhere! Once you read this all the other pages will have been deleted.

Here's Red being a flashy mofo
For my sweety, but also you guys can have some love too. Happy vday and I hope that you're all having a great day.
Sadly mine's shit, but hey, there are more days in a year other than this one <3
@Mr.sasser: LOL WOW. You really are Mr. Sasser ; D It's actually an undercut so all around shaved and hair on the top. it's funny at times ;w; SIDE CUTS ARE SO AWESOME. lol
That pic of the cut though xDD I never really understood the really small amount cut.. like it barely shows, especially with long long hair. But wow, your hair sounds really cool. ;w;

Thank you so much bro <3!
@DerpyDoo: LOL. I understand : D I love taking showers in general, this actually does make me feel more cool in the shower though vwv thank you <3
@LaurenLoo: Oh my glob, what a sweety you are. She really does deserve a sweet friend like yourself. Thank you so much for those sweet words. I honestly needed them!

@x-Ace-of-Spades-x: Ohhh~~ my then I'm very glad it's reaching out to you. You're not a freak, and neither am I we can connect on a lot of things and thats what matters. Some people just don't understand so to them it's either dumb or it doesn't exist. Such logic needs to be pushed out. I'm glad that this makes you happy though and it helps. I hope this continues to be like a light for you <3
@DerpyDoo: Wow, thank you so much : D My zodiac is taurus vwv ~~ <3
Okay, I just wanna make sure and ask you. I'm transgender, so I guess there's just a few lil technical things i can't help but pick at. I really do admire you for working on this story as long as you have.
You understand like, the small things trans people go through right? Like does Haruhi feel odd about being in a female body? Other than binding his chest, does he sometimes feel unmasculine or not manly enough? I know not all trans dudes feel that, but it's something to ask I guess. And would this mean that Haruhi IS trans? I know Hinori is still just a girl and junk.

I'm not sure your fans consider Haruhi's new relationship heterosexual.. I'm just curious and hope you can answer whenever you can. Thank you for your time and please keep up the good work!
This is what sucks about it though. How often do you see a black dude with such a hairstyle.

I actually got the idea of it from another black dude. lol it's so weird but it works. Sidecuts yo.
So it finally happened. I got my haircut and i really do like it, though this comic is a bit overdue. But even so, I somewhat regret it, and at the same time I don't. It sucks cause it causes a lot of intense moments where i'm just constantly thinking of all the other hairstyles I could've done if I just researched.
Even so, I like it. There's still some..fault to it though...
It sucks when you have all this stuff you know you wanna say, but you're too scared to utter any thing. And when you do, it's like you just jumped into the mouth of the monster
Arguments are like..the fucking evil of everything. i hate them with a passion and i just... I hate that they exist. If one thing gets me the most anxious and shaky, it's arguments. holy shit.
Being Trans
Kinda feels like this ya know?
Your body is presented one way and that's how the world sees you. Inside, you act nothing like the social norms for that body you have, you act and feel more like those with the opposite body of your own. You connect better with them, like you belong. And even if you present yourself as that, your body tells people otherwise.
Your body overshadows what you truly feel you are. Your mind may not be wired to whatever sex organ you have below and that is a very uncomfortable feeling. There are times it even feels like there's a penis down there and I've never had one before.

It's been like...scientifically proven that within the womb while a baby is developing, some babies may have their genitals wired one way and their minds wired for the opposite sex. There's also been brain scans that have shown this.

So, none of this shit is a choice.

So.. idk if that clears it up, but this really adds on to the anxiety and depression shit.
I swear, it really sucks. Yeah it's col my natural hair grows very fast and what not, but it gets feminine rather quickly. And that's a very huge downer for some dumb reasons.

Someone grant me the powers of ultra masuclinityyyyy.