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Aye! Idk if people write this stuff, but why not? I don’t consider myself too much of a gamer, on my way to college, waiting for that major already :)
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Up to date again, man this thing is good :p
Maybe the glaceon cant eat cake either? Im not even sure tbh
He does look good ngl
Another back break, rip
I’m pretty sure the glow might stand out even with the eyepatch, just depends on how much chocolate he’s having maybe?
Yes, wear it Flare, it’ll look good on ya :p
Maybe another big eyed legy
Just thinking ditto tbh
cmon, you’re mostly light green anyway :p
Wonder if she’ll say something first, or maybe Dusk will bring up something random again, probably the second choice
A bit too early for that, let’s hope for the best :p
Make room for 9 :p
Just love all the eevees in general lol, gotta pick lux :p
Just hoping that what she has to say doesn’t break him..
Poke the eye, ez lol
Same here, worth it though :p
I think Frost is in the earlier chapters, haven’t seen those in a while, can’t be 100% sure
It’s obviously an Arceus