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Rin Bastet
Go read 'n' comment my comics! EDITOR is more a dark story while Gene Panic! is more humorous and stuff. :D
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Meh, Green eyed jealousy and Be of good cheer are the most fitting theme songs for Parsee and Orin...
LOL Reimu's put a defense mechanism to the donation box?
Argh! Stop EX-Rumia!
Woah! The wall is melting!
Are there more than three? Because a boss with a bodyguard and one ghost member sounds kinda lame X'3
They wear their kimonoes wrongly?! Sry for dotting the i's and crossing the t's...
Gah! I hate dresses! At least, when they're on me. It might have something to do with my tomboyish attitude :D
It all really depends on the people you spend your time with, unless you're me... =P
Yeah, what's the big deal with Thursday?
You made the dragon look really cute!
The text has a pretty 3D effect :)
Waitasec, Ghost blades? Gotta see!
Hi all!
Sorry for taking so long before posting, I suddenly had a lot of stuff to do and couldn't upload until now. Also I'm a little shy and after seeing lots of great work here I thought that everybody would've thought my drawings were bad ^^'
Anyway I know the other hand is messed up, my brother bumped my hand when I was inking >.< It was an accident though, no need to curse him.
This seems familiar, except that I didn't punch the bully but instead, am still suffering of being bullied. Hmmm... Always feared punishment :)
Hmm her weapon's name is Estonian? Surma = Death.
I bet Kelly's VERY angry at Ako but too tired to really start shouting at her now..
Wow! Very good coloring here! Bg is also a big plus. Gotta love camping. Human anatomy is hard, but you didn't fail at all!

I'm gonna post something very soon, maybe already today, so I can get some constructive criticism.
No drugs... Or you will act like Edgar (stupidly, LOL). *Check*
How can I join in?
Edit: Can't send my own art after I got accepted. Why?
Things to ponder... :D