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J. Hawk

How do you guys do?

I'm really sorry for my very... irregular udates! I blame marching band/ AP classes... XD

Anywhose, I really hope you wnjoy my stories and artwork. Better quality is coming! I very well may re-draw the beginning pages of The Untouchables because of their crappy condition... XD That's when I didn't use the tablet... XD;;

And if I get my hand-drawn manga far enough, I'll scan it/put it on here <3

Thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff!

J. Hawk <3
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More! <3

I really love your portrayal of stereotypes. It's freaking hilarious....

Congrats on 100 pages! :D

So.... different! Definitely not "good", but not bad... a new rendition?

I like it :D Keep up the good work <3

Bulbasaur ;A; and you mispelled Bulbasaur in the third(?) panel. XD

Oh teh noes!

I'm loving this comic <3 Please update soon :D

oh noes.
Sorry for the Delay!
I know I'm like... months off from what I said I'd be XD;; Well, I got caught up with school and AP courses and Marching band... anyone in marching band knows it steals time from your life D:

Anywhose, in return, I'm making sure all pages from now on are much better quality than the crap I was submitting before. Mainly because I'm going to redo all of the pages by tablet :D <3

Well, thank you for being patient!
J. Hawk
July 31st, 2008
Duuude, it's the perfect way to ruin the climactic moment! <3
J. Hawk
July 25th, 2008
Uber Pwn!

Hahahah! I can't wait to see the chaos that ensues....
Ooooh, mystery pokemon <3

I can't wait to see what it is :3
Sorry D=
I know this page is terribly sloppy, but I really didn't have the time to ink it X3 Maybe I'll redo it in the future =3

and yes... I messed up terribly on Leo's head D':
Buildings are a betch X3 All of the people of Aquarion are Aqua's children <3... Not like Jenova XD;;
Have a good one!
Happy 4th, everyone! In commemoration of today, I made a smexy picture of Zephyr for you! So... anyone wanna take up his offer? <3


Le Gasp! His hair's outta the ponytail :O
That's okay <3 You're not meant to know a lot on the first few pages XD a lot will be revealed very soon :D

and hands are annoying XD;; I'm glad people think they look good <3
Bwah! XD
I seriously cracked up just because of the expressions XD

Nice work! It looks very professional <3

Please update soon!
This is really cute =3

and Cherry is love <3

I can't wait to
This is also posted on my DA page =3

Introducing our protagonist: Princess Ookatsume Imber!

I like colorz =3
Good Work!
This comic is very original :3 I'm loving it ~<3

You're art is really nice to look at as well :D

I'll be awaiting the next update!

--- Nice expression on the last panel ;P
This comic is amazing! XD

I can't wait to
This comic really is spiffy :3

I'm really loving the creativity of it... mostly you'd have the sue-ish kinda thing going on... D=

Well, I'll eagerly be awaiting more! :D
J. Hawk
June 5th, 2008
Hahah, this story is greatly amusing =3

I must ask: do you know of the artist Katey Coop(sp?)...? Your style reminds me a lot of hers.

And kudos on your coloring skills! Very good :D

The only thing I can critique on is anatomy, but everyone has trouble with that. Well, I look forward to reading more!