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Not much of a person with words, I am a 3D animator, and comics are my hobby since I was a kid.

@ADoodlingpotato: everyone can't help love sliver
@Merrsharr: and assigned marriage!
An eye for an eye, a body for an arm
Things got dark for shaggy once the mystery gang broke up.
@Ligaminty: its simple, never make a style sheet! XD

But really I intended it like that since its like a dream or thought that just never quite has a form. Made sure it truly never had one discernible shape by never drawing it the same twice.
@corienne: probably just shy and confused they were called perfect (´ω`*)
@Ligaminty: Belinda tries her hardest to keep everyone from being too snarky. And thanks! Spent a lot of time on that haha
@Ligaminty: Thanks! It's gonna be a wild ride definitely.
Just reminded of Friday's glitch so if something goes wrong or gets goofed up, I have the comic on the main site here:

Really sorry I didn't get to that sooner XD Gotta be more thorough next time lol
@corienne: japhin hit rock bottom, theres no going back
@Lunch: poor dude can't adapt to this weird demon culture.
*now kiss*
@Lunch: Pretty much. That's why japhin opted to be called a psychic :p
@dmr11: its invisible mostly. If I were to have it in all the shots there'd be a lot of uncomfortable close ups of demon pecs lol
@dmr11: disqualification...or something else...won't say for spoilers ;p
@AbbieBsArt: It's basically a murderous puppy.
@b: Thank you! :D
@eishiya: Oh that was a page hosted on another site. Yeah I measured it, she comes halfway up on the door, idk I'll just leave it in.
@eishiya: I usually use objects within the scene for reference height. Probably just gotta be a little bit more keen to that. I counted the panels and it was maybe 5 in my buffer that had the issue so it isn't too bad lol
@eishiya: Oh thanks! Yeah.. i'm not gonna render out objects for the scene since thats extra work and i'd have to paint it out later lol. I'll just scale whatever needs to be proportioned? There's maybe only 4 panels through out the comic that has this issue.