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Not much of a person with words, I am a 3D animator, and comics are my hobby since I was a kid.

I want to hug all the buns. This is a very cute but dark comic. I love it
@Cter: BBW demons deserve love too
In order to become a hero you had to an hero
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Its been two years since the comic has been out. Wowee!

For this year I did something special and made a little joke comic to go with it.

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@Yolk: I don't think roach cares about showmanship
@Yolk: roach is trying to market his slime grunge aesthetic. It's not doing very well.
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You can also ask on my other comic site:
@Ligaminty: black bile is actually a great replacement for dressing, Roach approved.
@Bubble45: She is a pure cinnamon roll
@Guest: even bloodthirsty demons get scared sometimes
@INKYLORE: I imagine her with a more elderly hippie voice lol
@Merrsharr: he probably would be too weirded out to date a human knowing he's not one anymore.
@Yolk: That's Logan™
@dmr11: probably only the fighters know who roach is because they dealt with him upfront. To everyone else he's that dude no one remembers doing anything important and if japhin's afraid of him, its safe to assume to better not question why.
@a fan: that means so much to me my work inspired you to make one yourself! Go do it ;p