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Not much of a person with words, I am a 3D animator, and comics are my hobby since I was a kid.

Goth Japhin, villain japhin and pastel japhin
@corienne: his only directions are never leave his house cause demons are weird.
loving his expressions
@corienne: cause you both are pure and innocent
@corienne: I made it when i was 13 and then later converted it to text. It's a demon language
@corienne: implying this place was ever a bakery to begin with
@corienne: *squawk*
@corienne: a very weird one
velvetyy soft
Forgot to post this conversation I had with a friend
@corienne: murder puppy is the best character
@corienne: learn magic, with magic you don't need money
@Huntered45: He never told anyone else besides his ex who has mentioned before he doesn't trust his parents so only he knows he's missing.
@corienne: the real trip is when teens call it a designer drug and turn into a furry
@gabe: aw thanks!
To end the hiatus here's our beloved love guru, Splenda.
Been wanting to make 3D versions of the characters for a while. Here's a Japhin.
Glad I was able to finish them!
February 18th, 2019
I want to hug all the buns. This is a very cute but dark comic. I love it
@Cter: BBW demons deserve love too