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Peter Griffin From Family
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    Leia Martinez
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The spooky man himself Horror Sans will now be in Tele/Com! Yeah not much else to say, he's gonna be in the comic
Mhm that's right mhm!
Another character announced! Wow! "Leia You must be working so hard" you may be wondering. Well yes! Although I'm still working on season 1 so please,
go check it out here:
October 10th, 2019
Uh oh, stinky! Poop! hahaha! Funny poop, poopy funny.
I still hate gavin
September 30th, 2019
Great Announcement 2!
That's right #2! Mob from the hit anime, Mob Psycho 100! He'll be sure to get ready for the big entrance! I hope you guys liked this addition to the series.

Great Announcement!
That's right! Baby Bonnie Hood is officially announced to be in Tele/Com! I hope you guys will like this new addition to this series.

@Guest: thanks, the next pages are taking a while cause they're a little detailed
haha tablet
haha tablet
griffin wow this be good