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I'm Ina, and I'm 17 years old. I live in Norway and I'm kinda interested in drawing and comics. Might be the reason why I'm on this site. Haha XD

I'm currently a bit inactive making comics by feel free to check me out on deviantart

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He's droooling. Ew! D8
Best comic evur!
I really loved this short little comic. It had some kind of atmosphere that I likes somehow. I just really like it :) I'm reading Heard at the moment >: D
That would be very fun if it happened in real life XD.
That's hilarious! Great work :3
That's a very very very beautiful picture. Their expressions in their face seems so real ^^" *thumbs up*
I've read this far in your comic, and it's totally awesome. Your art is some kind of original, and so beautiful *Keeps on reading*
I love this comic >w<. Super sweet! : DDD
Looking forward to the next page :3
About the song.
The text in the background is actually from a song. It's called "Not gonna get us" and is sung by T.a.t.u.
Unclearly Text
On picture 3, on the paper piece that the bum is holding, it's supposed to say "Help! I lost my family".
No more inking?
Yeah, The last pages I made will not me inked or made any lineart of. That means that it will only be sketches or what I should call it.

Reason? Yeah, I know. Duh, I'm lazy. I have really little motivation to complete this comic, so in my opinion, it's better to finish it with somewhat crappier drawings, than just leave it unfinished. Hopefully you guys that see this won't disagree with me too much. But if you do. Please don't read any further XD
August 5th, 2008
Non-Digital Lineart
As someone might notice, the lineart of this page is a bit difference from the other ones. I actually made this lineart by using a black pen. The reason? To save time, and there is almost no difference ^^.

Thanks for far for all the comments ^^