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That's like my siblings & me when we were growing up!
Classic: The villain said "Impossible"
I get laughed at when I use the step ladder at work. Note to self: Start associating violence with the step ladder.
I like when your characters smile, I don't know how to explain why...
That went well, I think.
That was easy
This is what I learned from taking marketing: "Stereotypes when used wrong is rude, when used correctly can be a helpful marketing tool." lol I should know more because I have a degree in it but I'll leave that to Daniel.
aw, he still doesn't want to trouble his mom
YAY! Update! This day keeps getting better and better!
temper temper. BTW Your icon is funny, the Mooninites are the best and worst aliens ever.
THAT'S RACIST! or SPECIEIST! lol It's still funny though!
Ya know, sex releases certain endorphins that HELP with headaches. lol It would have been funny if Daniel would have busted that one out!
haha! neat.
I usually don't follow banner ads, but I'm glad I followed yours. This comic = win