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Joseph T. lives in a small college town in central USA, he wallows in self pity whenever he doesn't get his way, and enjoys a good muffin.

Seriously, though. I'm friggen BACK. And this time, I've got what is quite possibly my best idea yet. A brand friggen new comic that offers plenty in the way of comedy, drama, and opportunity to draw hot chicks in mechanic regailia.

The first episode shall ensue after I finally get all the character designs done, and finish putting the idea togethor. Granted, I'll have to teach myself how to draw first, so it might be after winter.

Also, I'm doing the graphics for a hack of Final Fantasy VI. Anyone ever heard of... "Rozen Maiden?" The first version of that's slated for release around mid-August.

Anyway, if you wanna get in touch, don't bother with and of those instant messenger craploads. Just PM or email ( me with a date, time, and irc address. (preferrably on rizon)
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Very nice. A few things were difficult to make out, but overall... very well done.
I lived in a trailer for half the year most of my life, and I take offence!
Heck, I'm just waiting for Siggy to pull out the ole' Dangerfield jokes.
OH YEAH? Well I have a level 56 Pikachu, and a Tyflosion that can fly!
Wow, can't wait to see the characters!


Nice joke.
Eh, I think several eole are "coming back from the dead." Including me.

In any case, it makes perf3ct s3nc3 th@t th3 p3ngu1n w0u1d b3tr@y S1gm@.
I believe it is the penguin.
Arabian Nights
Try Disney... or some awsome old literature.
Gah, flashback!

Anywho, I found an emulator where you get to RAMPAGE on the dog.
September 14th, 2005
My problem isn't with backgrounds. They even someimes take away from certain things.

I have now accepted that this is your style of spriting.
September 10th, 2005
umm.... I was wondering, what's with Ruth's volcano head?
he invoked Murphy's law
yay! shrimp! I like shrimp!
what bittage ar those wings?
September 4th, 2005
You forgot the "Brr, br, brrrrrrr!!"
September 4th, 2005!
September 4th, 2005
nice shoes! I like the shoes! I WANT HIS SHOES!
September 4th, 2005
I like the faded backgrounds.

Seriously, Sam couldn't draw this well. I have been impressed. I like this more than most famous art.
September 4th, 2005
it started as a relatively bad sprite comic, now it's a relatively well-drawn gag-a-day strip!

And funny, it is!