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I like the hair, actually.

I don't think the script was cheesy. OTL.
BAWWW stop making Aisu want to cry.

I like... literally teared up at this. :<
I like it alot. And the way you draw hair is still really pretty.

I agree with crimson, those kind are really sweet. :D
[: This is reallu cute.~
Sorry, I don't draw much in Photoshop anymore. :<

Actually, I kinda like that it's all tiny. It's really cute. The font is nice.

:< Poor girl.~
Yeah, you are really pretty, Nicole. :<

Baw, this is gorgeous. I love how you draw eyes and hair. Plus, the tears are well drawn too.
[: She's adorable!
Good luck with your comic, Nicole.

(By the way, this is Aisu.)