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I am Salem
A wannabe Artist, I like making things. Monstrous and Female-ish. Inept. Evil with short Intervals of somewhat normal.

If you like Fantasy stories set in fantasy worlds you might like The Runes of Carnna.

If you like fantasy stories set in a more modern place you might like Life of The Contract.

Kick his A** GuyS!!!

Looking forward to more ^^
Big guy got a beat down XD
Great fight!
Love the action!
Those are some mean looking weapons XD
Well, that's an unpleasant thought
Nice chapter!
Oh, i wonder what happens next ^^
Wouldn't wanna smell that
I liked the history lesson XD while it lasted
I hope there will be more ^^
Poor Mire
I wanna hug her...
Nice!! I can't wait to
Nice pages!
^^ I look forward to more!
Nice effect
I like the effect on this page, looks like they are going really fast!
That is a cool lookin' dragon!
^^ I look forward to reading more!
Neat effect in last panel ^^
I like the way you do these fight scenes
Nice effect
I like the effect in panel 3 ^^ Very cool
Yeah XD
Running head first into battle is not a good idea XD
How sad
Poor girl