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is it this part?| "This Is Starting To Sound Like A Terrible Comic Book Plot--"
New Characters! also..when did the 4th Wall break??? ;-;
I get it! because sans has the Megalo and the Blue Magic (Levitation)
September 18th, 2019
September 15th, 2019
wow..never would've guessed
not sure, but it must be a very Hard one to give that much Damage..
First? (Edit: yay First here!)
anyway.., I wonder how this'll play down...?
keep up the great work btw!
Very Detailed..
thank's for the Afternoon Laugh xd

"Cursed" hmm...
keep up the good work! :3
"Blew Up A Restaurant" did he have a dream of some sort or....?
Very Nice So Far. :3
Questioning, wonder how that'll go.
I wonder what will happen next :3
Very. . .Shiny. . .owo