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I read when I can, draw when I can't, and laugh at everything!

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Cali is a pain.
That's a sandwich that Kimba has. Just to be clear. :)
Love this one! You've put up a lot of great stuff since last I was around. :)
Really. Hard work.
My summer....wish I was running around!

And this is my view on summer. Even one with a bazillion 90/100 degree days
Least favorite in the calandar....but still golden Kimba-torture time.
...I think I did this to a camper this year.
and what a sweet month it was.
That sounds perfectly comfortable.
It's been a strange spring...that's for sure.

I had to change fonts cause for whatever reason, they are going crazy pixelated in photoshop. Hopefully I can figure it out...cause moving them to illustrator to finish each page is not my idea of fun...
Harry. Potter. 7.
Oh what a wonderful month, that june.
May is my birthday month. :)
here's april!
And here's March!
And here's Feb!

And yes, this is a double--the original is about 5 years old now. GEEZE
For Christmas this year I created a 'Cali Calandar'. Now that gifts are given, the monthes can go up here! :)

January; Clothes shopping.