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Are his antlers shrinking? Plus, I love the message. I love this story in general. It’s awe inspiring
Entering through that door means they enter the same time as it was in the beginning. It is now that now. I imagine madras took that many pints in the beginning to help RGB later.
My phone background! Love the blue rose
@Guest: love it!
@Dnogrl2409: and these are the sands of regret. It seems to me this land of make believe is being destroyed through depression possibly and many regrets formed and destroyed common sense, or “woods of wisdom”, resulting on the thoughts of the being of said person who has this make believe to be only supported by dreams. Rational or logical thought has given up trying to support the person and the only thing keeping the person going it is dreams.

Mod, are you ok?
@Nice-ness: he didn’t see that though. However, it might have been fear residue, and that’s connected to hate(?) maybe(?)
@Ink: transcendent
Why is Madras crying all the time? I’m sure it has pretty good symbolism, but I can’t put my finger on it