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Hi my name is William
I am a person who likes pokemon comics with a alot of story to tell
I like to write story lines as well *usually story lines*
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2000 Fans
Congrats on 2000 fans
(Well its 2002)
But still congrats :D
Solar flare but in this case hes leafeon, so he went with the name solar
"Your original death was part of the reason why this happened in the first place"
I'm just excited for when arceus says "because solar" and flare is like "wait that's my name"
But remember he did say he sounded like flare
Maybe I could try for it to xD
Well this isnt what I was expecting for a page one, well theres your bad memories
No one uses floppy disks any more?
Yeah right, I know a place of business that still uses them
I just read the newest journal
So theory room is the enemies of this comic
Difference is speed know about it this time when sunshine calls for either of them
Didnt the whole mom thing happen before?
Of kris was so determined to see that lazuli wasnt telling the truth about her injuries supprized when she started saying "someone else did" and cutting herself off wouldnt make this page longer because kris was trying to find out what else happened
Or when the tsunamis would come in
What's not to understand Kris
Flare couldnt remember anything
Speed died again
Lazuli got knocked out
And CC is just an overpowered whatever
What's hard to understand about that?
*Superbro's mind explodes*
"Have a break, have a kitkat"
Thanks, at least someone answered
Here's the question. The first time silvia crushed speeds spine, it was because she pulled her away from black, the second time he recalled her fear of heights.
So why does he "deserve" it the third time