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Special chapter 10 breaking point
Also the evidence is there that speed 2.0 like you said was the "dad" fluffy and mel talk about. But now we have bigger fish to fry, the demorph *thinks that's right* is in the world now, *insert avengers joke about strange*
But all jokes aside I think Theory Room just got its biggest box of ammunition yet
Gather the troops, and Avengers... assemble
Maybe in one speed dies for some reason and kris and flare do not, maybe in another flare is the only one, but what has got to be hard is when flare unlocks these memories and has to watch his siblings, himself, or both go through that horror and learn the hard way what could have happened. It's a real pain to know everything sometimes (like I would know hahaha)
Hmm interesting idea, with good evidence since kris was the first killed so if one died and the other lived it would be that way, wonder how that would work though.
Hmm meet her is the important part in that, implying he doesnt know her yet
Well we like to think of alan only existing in one timeline but there were over 350000 timelines so with that many it is certainly possible for events to play differently,
Just because kris and flare never die doesnt mean alan never met stella
*once again tried to reply WHY DOES PHONR HATE ME :C*
I see what you mean by the alan timeline, voices tells me that fluffy had access to the memory of an egg that is either going to be named sunshine or moonlight.
*ment as reply but it no work*
Yeah special chapter four shows us the exaistance of stella (as star)
As for flare and Alan flare died in that timeline so fluffy could not connect the two
What I think is sunshine met a untimely end in that timeline along with flare. The split created two entities. The one known as fluffy and the one who talks to speed 2.0
Fluffy and Flare's job is to save the lost soul of sunshine from the original timeline with also saving Flare's own soul in the process (last bit was a thought, dont think Flare's soul needs saving)
Like Theory Room *gag is over with now* goes through a cycle in the pages
*new page forms*
*members think what it could mean*
*add existing information to it to come up with something.*
*wait for more ammunition from other comments or the next page*
Yeah I'm kinda broke too right now, just waiting for some good ammunition for theories
I am not getting my account taken away by copyright. Because even though you dont care a random law enforcer will come and we will have problems (that was a joke but with my luck it would probally happen)
With Theory Room and other micro and macro conversations going on, if it fidng reach 200 yet I would be surprised.
*Theory Room is the property of DarkFireEevee*
*yes I'm doing that every time*
Fair enough, usually when see cake like that the icing is usually farther out, this one is different than I know *idiot mode unlocked and used since forever*
*ima start commenting on pc least replying works there*
Under PKM-150's deviant art profile you can find journals (looks like blue notebooks) there in the journal archive you can read some of the stories which contains some of the things were talking about