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The Fried Pickle
Hey. I'm just a guy who likes all things Zelda and pokemon.
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Y'all mind if I just... First
@Dechaineaux: Acutally Mario guy got blamed for covering the school in sewage and Vanitas actually did it
@Ulta: Permanent Termination? Permination?
FOIST (nevermind)
Ya know what?
I bet that the experience just went through made the memories resurface.
Star trek
God is dead
@Guest: There are gods. We have confirmed that Len is the one truth of this world, and she did say that "God is dead," (hell if I can remember which page,) but Eru seems like a god-like being, so I think that he could be considered a god.

P.S. it's "No God." capital G.
@LuckyPuppie: Well dang. Now I'm hungry. Waiiit a second, maybe Peako needs a Snickers!
Nice Reference
Ridley, huh? *immediately listens to Ridley fight music*
@Shadow_Strikr: IIIIIIITS a mew. Its many things, right? it can transform, text is right color. Or it could just be a hoopa or something
Darcy Is
How dare you go to the mighty Darcy for advice! First, you must provide an offering of your finest selection of fabric, receive a physical and mental lashing, and then MAYBE you will be on the lowest level of worthiness available for Darcy's cosplay advice.
Now I want wings. I need better ways to express my emotions.
Dat face
Look at the first panel. Tell me you didn't just start laughing/crying (craughing? still working on that) when u saw Devon's face
Y'all mind if I... First
@Nekomata-chan: I think that I speak for the entire comment section that we now understand why this took so long. THIS LOOKS MOTHER-TRUCKIN' AMAZING!!!! (sorry for the bad grammar if there was any)
@KirbyConsumesBakedBeansDespiteMe: I mean, pokemon is in smash, right? and mega lucario is a spirit, so...
You are already dead
Erasmus: Omae wa
mo shinderu
Max: NANI!?!?!?
I like the idea
@Komodo23: Mew could be incredibly sarcastic, Palkia could be really sadistic, and i'd love that.