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I often don't love the appearance of Blazikens so I was concerned a bit about how he would look, but Tortilla looks awesome. That beaky expression in final panel...
I fully support comics with compelling characters taking time to let them just interact.
Top percentage of Furret
Scout really is cool tho.
Poor Amnesiac Hero
I just have to add my two cents. I had been wondering up until this point if Iten had ever mentioned their lack of memories. I mean how could that not come up? Good to see that referenced here.

P.S. I take it as a good sign when writing/artwork can make me start imagining a hundred different scenarios about how this argument could go down.
Oh Deer
Wow, that is not nice thinking. I have a shipment here for team DragonHeart, Its a box of red flags.
The Payoff!
... She knows Tae Kwon Do... Wow, the payoff, and it was earned too! Setup long ago, each time it came up it is played for laughs, but this payoff is so earned. Very well done!