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I like Sonic the hedgehog games.
well, truth be told, I prfere the origional look. I couldn't find better sprites. meaning I have a limited amount of Wario land 4 sprites. :/
hey, if 1 rookie level digimon could take him on in that game for the gba, than Amy Rose can do it!
I'm still alive.
yeah, it's been a while, had little time what with school, and stuff. I'll try to get more made when I get the chance.
yes, still back.
haha! cletche joke. :)
yeah, life's been busy for me, though from now on, I'll try to get a comic uploaded atleast 3 times a month.
I bet it was Metal Sonic who sent them, or possibly Eggman Nega.
should say "an" istead of "and" in the fourth title.
had some homework and a writers block for the month.

Hero of Comedy gave me the idea for this. Happy Easter dude. :D
wait, doesn't inorganic material get vaporised by temporal fields, or are we going with "reverse Terminator" rules?
wait a moment...
Isn't there still a hole from limbo from when Sonic and Megaman came back from the dead?
Weil is the last person I'd expect to say something spiritualy deep. :/
next comic will explain.

And Yes.
yeah, clearly that joke only works if an advertisement is present. :/
Ha ha! Retroactive continuity.
Belive it or not, I never origionaly planned to have an explaination for the smash balls, other than to avoid padding. Then I had Sonic explode, and this was made to explain what the heck just happened.

So ironicly I had padding anyway. XD
And just like that, Sonic get's blown up.

I would say that this goes out to everyone who didn't like the results of the last poll, but truth be told, I was going to do this from the start.

Now for a word from the Advertisement.
In fairness, they said nothing against stealing, aslong as noone said not to steal.

Loopholes rock. :)
trust me, Prety Pirahna probly won't be in the comic.

more likely the Dino from Mario Galaxy, or a giant squid.
I guess it was kind of obvious. :/
the Green Scorpion?

couldn't hurt to try. :/