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Alpha Star Keeper
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I might need to work on my spelling and the other things
Okay now Speedy is now testing more things like he always does but that's in the past though
This made more since from the last one
This didn't make sense either
What are you talking about
I am not new I have been here since the 1st chapter and also
I honestly dont really understand this it makes me confused
I was close enough
Can you do a Christmas one as well when the time reached as well
Poor Cheddar she can't swim but I think she wants to learn right mouse. And also Take Your Time no Need to Rush Okay
Is Fluffy okay? I kinda hope he isn't hurt or anything like that
Why does Nincada have a bad life
Is it really Vi because Victini can disappear
Game Plazas Rule its gonna be fun and really interesting but who are the employees okay? Not an important question and funny thing is why is there Silvia Sleeping lol
Aww this is Cute but unexspecred
Wow something is happening in their world that they have to deal with
I feel like this is gonna be a long chapter
We cant really blame Glacy because she wants to protect and not get involved with anything