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Alpha Star Keeper
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I just realized the shiny Umbreon just riding a jolteon
Is flare like overreacting a little bit
Wow he regenerated his arm back its like hes not even speedy
Holy macrol god that is just terrible
Thanks my is my username
Wonder what's gonna happen next Flareon pops to stop Speedy and does the fighting himself?
Why is there Mupkips in my room everywhere
Is that Frost or someone else
Remember that when Flare and Crystal were going to sunny town for lunch and met Trace
What happened to C.C did she eat chocolate?
The speedy 2.0 isn't really speedy it's his golden age thing but also his past that golden thunders aka the armor
The beach wait a minute wheres the mud
Someone please help me someone filled my room with Jolteons and Eevees oh no what do i do now
I think that Flare, Crystal, and Speedy's mother is Mollie because they both been in a wild rhydon attack but what if the three children are Speedy, Crystal, and flare? But do you think that their father was something that they aren't like a umbreon, glaceon, leafeon, or even a sylevon