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>< Spirit ><
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    Hahaha.... no.
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Thank you so much :D
Thank you X3
Act like the one before this didn’t happen......... i forgot to add the picture
Sorry mucked up the last one .-. This is meh example
Just testing how to post things
Uh... the ice in the last panel looked kinda red on at the edges............0-0
>< Spirit ><
October 31st, 2019
Most likely
This is on WEBTOON now :D
I wAnNa LeArN hOw To SpIt FiRe OuTta MeH mOuTh
I’ll miss Cheddar and co but please take all the time you need!

Also: aww Cheddar is so cute~
Gotta protect the puppies!
Get yer weapons ready..
Ooo I’m gonna re-read the first one now
You could lock them up??
they might break out tho...
@>< Spirit ><: * Comes back after a bit and reads comic again *

I love Lem so much * Loads shotgun *
Must guard the cinnamon roll..