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"Did i blow up the restaurant?"

That killed me XD
Actually CC is her own entity, so she is not an alternate form of lazuli, here you can read the info of CC.
Miss icy... hmm the only one that calls the people like miss or mister is fluff, did fluffy take the control of flare?
I have the feeling that flare threw that rock
And theres our mashed potato
Ok, it's obvious that flare will go berserk and attack CC, and we also know that someone will become a mashed potato in the next pege
Actually yes, she met god and all other CC's in existence met them
In breaking point VII speed 2.0 confirms that flesh speed wiil die (I know everyone alredy knew that but just confirming)
If the fight happens imagine, if speed 2.0 come frome nowhere, stops the fight in the most awesome way possible, advices speed about that thing that calls speed daddy is coming to kill him, and speed is like "WTF just happened". That would be awesome.

BTW, I'm coming back to shcool tomorow and I can't sleep, HELP! ;w;
What CC is talking with CC shadow? Did the chocolate cake triggered to appear?
I decided to reread some of the journals and this one named "shattered memorys" called my atention but now I'm a little tired so I let you the link to the Journal to read it with calm, slowly and pay atention to every single detail. Now get your conclusions.

Sorry auto-corrector XD
About frost, I thought that he was still alice.

About stella, I mention IT because I saw some people day that estrella only exist in the Alan timeline.

About flare, I didn't explain myself right. What I meant was that Flare in the main timeline sometimes in his dreams he could hear things from the Alan timeline, for exemple:
In the Journal named "voices from different world" a conversation can be read and the characters are A???/Alan, S???/Stella and ???/fluffy
And how do I know "???" Is fluffy?, because at the end of the Journal "???" Says "Mr. Flare you heard it too, right?" And fluffy is the only that calls Flare, Mf. Flare
Here are some fun/interesting/shocking
facts about the ES world:

1. (My favourite) jirachi has a crush on trace.
2. Jirachi has been living with trace since the last 4 years
3. Frost has been alive since the last 4 years
4. Speed's dad was a jolteon
5. Speed's uncle was an umbreon
6. Flare and the Alan timeline are connected thanks to Fluffy.
7. Stella exist in the main timeline of the ES universe, in fact she appears in the Special Chapter 4- page 8 and 9
Come to think of it, how did the reborn virus travel to other dimensions?
From ALL of the CC's in existence. wich one is the CC in here?

I have read almost all of the journals in the deviantart of CC-the-braixen but I haven't found anything about her traveling to the ES universe
Well, it's time to see the Journals to understand what's going on, bye 😃👋